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Why Romney doesn’t talk about his faith

This will be the first column in years the may support some of the ideals and opinions of Stephen Johnson!  You see, Stephen used to live in Utah.  There wasn't a moment that someone wasn't at his door tryin' to get him to join the Mormons, quit smoking, quit drinking, and pretty much everything else Stephen lives for.

He moved from Utah, not really having a great appreciation for the Mormon ways...and neither do I.

I did get a response a few weeks ago that didn’t like me referring to the Mormon’s as a cult.  However, based on my understanding of religions versus cults…I would definitely describe the Mormon’s as cult following.

In my youth, I was told that once a cult gets millions of members, it can no longer be classified as a cult; however, as I aged, I came to believe that a new Religion may be different, but shouldn’t have anything to hide.  Only a cult would keep its ceremonies and customs secret, because those practices would be considered, bizarre, immoral, and sometimes illegal acts.

Don’t get me wrong, I support any belief that somebody might want to carry around.  So, if you think that Jesus was an alien, well, I’m ok with that.  Or if you think when you die you become a “God” who is delivered your very own world…well ok.   You’ll have a hard time convincing me to join, but if that’s what gets you thru life…that’s just fine with me.

But from my perspective, it doesn’t stop me from thinking that that guy is a mental or emotional basket case…or both.  And I sure don’t want that person running the country.  He’s unstable…like Nixon.

So in summary, I would always have a fear in the back of my mind of having a Mormon in the White House.

It’s a little scary if you think about it.  They have prophets who are supposed to have a direct link to God, thus their judgment is flawless, in theory.  But wasn’t it a prophet who sided with Hitler when he declared that Black people had “the mark of Cain”, and thus, were not eligible to go to heaven.  Then wasn’t it another prophet that decided that that was a mistake, and that Mormons never rejected Black people from the church? 

Not only is that a complete turnaround, they pretend that the latter never existed. 

Sounds familiar.

Wasn’t Brigham Young a prophet?  So he decided in the 1850’s to round up 140 American pioneers from the Fancher wagon train, steal their possessions and kill them all (women and children).  Just doesn’t sound very “God Like” to me.

Then there are those secret ceremonies they hide from the public.

In the “Second Anointing” supreme members are guaranteed a place in heaven; therefore, they can do whatever they want and still go to heaven…again, a little scary for a world leader.  Then, during the ceremony they are required to take the “Oath of Vengeance” against the American people and the Government for the death of Joseph Smith.  They say this is discontinued, but thanks to smart phones, you can get a recording of the ceremony and it is still part of the anointing…just google it!

In fact, in 1903 a motion was filed to remove Senator Reed Smoot from office.  He was a Mormon Apostle.  The foundation of the case was that the oath was considered an act of treason.  And now we want a President who has taken the same oath?

John Hawley gave this testimony in the court case,
“…there was an oath taken in Utah to avenge the blood of the prophet…We were made to swear to avenge the death of Joseph Smith the Martyr, together with that of his brother Hyrum, on this American nation, and that we should teach our children and children’s children to do so. The penalty for this grip and oath was disembowelment…The penalty for revealing or disclosing these secrets was disembowelment.”

Brigham Young was quoted as saying, “…the entire Mormon people are sworn and avowed enemies of the American nation.”  Which helps us understand his willingness to massacre unarmed Americans.

Like I said, I may not agree with their beliefs, but I do believe they have the right to their own beliefs.  However, I just have a little trouble having a President that has taken an oath to harm America.

So in summary of the summary, I guess this is why Romney doesn’t mention his Mormon faith very often.

COMING NEXT:  Who took the fun out of funny?

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