Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why I'm not too crazy about that guy running against Obama

So many reasons not to vote for the imitation Obama candidate (also known as the “Me-too” candidate.)

Let us review.

Women Rights:
Obama : Passed several pieces of legislation that helps thousands of women across the nation.
Other Guy : “Me-too!  I hired some women as a gesture.”

And that’s why so many people got an uneasy feeling about the “Me-Too” candidates answer.  Obama passes laws to help thousands of women nationwide, while the other guy just gives an example of a gesture. 

Used Cars:
Obama : Not a good salesman.  Ask him the price and he’ll tell you what he paid for it.
Other Guy : A total used car salesman.  I’m surprised he doesn’t show up with bright white shoes and a green polyester suite.

No matter what anybody says, his reply is, “I want the same thing…” then he baits you off the subject and babbles.  Maybe its just me, I don’t listen to salesmen if they don’t give a direct answer…I allow explanation, if one is needed.  But if I say I want a lower price and they start talking about tires…I walk.

In other words, his debate was a “bait and switch” performance.  He’s making sure everybody hears what they want to hear.  After the election is when the switch part comes in.

Right now, he’s just taking Independents for a ride.

Economy :
Obama : Set in motion long term policies, rules on wall street, banks, investments in education, infastructure and clean energy.  These things will insure an economically independent America.  The downside is, most are long term and you don’t see an immediate return.

Other Guy : Wants to gain points on other peoples suffering.  Ignores the fact that our economy almost collapsed, and wants to profit from the fact that the economy wasn’t fixed overnight.

Back around 2010 I predicted that the only reason a sane person in Congress would vote against infrastructure bills, that would help the nation and put people back to work is that they are trying to sabotage the economy to stop Obama from being re-elected.

In the words of Congress, “Its not about getting people jobs, its about stopping Obama from keeping his.” 

Boehner was on TV almost everyday saying that the economy is getting worse and worse.  As we know now, the during the great depression, people became afraid of the situation, started hoarding money and not spending, and jobs were lost and it spiraled out of control.  It seemed to me, Boehner was trying to fuel a depression.

That’s the odd thing about American prejudice.  In other countries, a person who you are prejudice against may come in your store, but you still are nice and sell them goods and take their money…its common sense.  But in the U.S. people would not allow blacks from spending money in their store, even if they needed the business…they would take economic hardship over common sense.  And that’s exactly what it looked like Boehner was doing back in 2009…only it was your potential job he was sacrificing.

This is why after Obama is elected, our work is only half finished.  We have to vote out the “Party of No Accomplishments” and elect a party that wants to benefit Americans and not themselves.  Whether the candidate is Republican or Democrat, we need folks that just want to get the job done.

This is why the “me too” candidate keeps jumping back to the economy.  The “Party of No Accomplishment” has invested YOUR welfare to get elected…it was a big gamble, but now that it’s done, it’s the only ammunition he has.

We were told back when the economy collapsed that a long term solution would take time…and it has.  That’s the difference between a quick fix, and a solution.  For example, bettering education is a long term solution.

Foreign Policy:
Obama : Stopped the economic hemorrhaging from two wars, has al-Qaeda on the run, and Iran is collapsing economically.
Other Guy : In cahoots with al-Qaeda.
No he’s not on the phone plotting terrorists attacks, that would be crazy to even suggest.

But I do believe he is the unwitting patsy playing into their hands.  Let’s face it, under Obama, al-Qaeda is on the run.  They orchestrated a last ditch effort, in the hopes it would help get someone else elected.  I don’t suspect they even care who it is, as long as it’s not Obama, because he has taken out most their old top leaders…and by taken out, I mean they are no longer alive.  Harsh but effective.

If al-Qaeda gets a president who offers “knee-jerk” reactions to every incident, the chances of the US going into another middle-eastern war is increased.  If we do that, our resources will be tapped again and al-Qaeda will have the breathing room they need to build up.

The “me too” candidate has played right into the al-Qaeda playbook by escalating the importance of that incident and ignoring other variables that effect the middle east.

The Big Debate:
If you want to really make the “me too” candidate look foolish, don’t argue.

Simply let him know that you appreciate that he’s seen the error of his ways from a year ago, and adopted yet another Obama policy (he’s already pulling the bait and switch on his base).

The Future:
So what does the future hold for us?  I suspect Obama will win.

Contrary to popular belief, The Tea Party will become more energized and convince the Republicans that they should have went with “their guy”.  So the Republicans will become insanely Tea Party-rrific, and loose the majority in Congress, ‘cause everybody knows the “party of no” means “no achivement.” 

Then Republicans will become desperate and follow the tea party advice for a Presidential nomination in 2016 and loose again, because as long as you refuse to compromise the longer your list of failures will become…

So it looks like the US will become more democratic, doing horrible democratic things like, stimulating the economy and helping the poor, elderly, and handicapped.

COMING NEXT: Hmmm, da cat-town races?

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