Sunday, November 18, 2012


Now that we didn’t elect Romney, he explained that the reason people voted for Obama is that the do-nothing 48% just wanted to get freebees.  Aren’t you glad he’s not President?

My mom is one of the 48%.  She’s 80, low income and lives in a really bad neighborhood in North Omaha.  Her house is paid and she’s very independent, which is why she lives there.  She’s and the others around her, are not evil people trying to milk the government.  Most are just poor.

Some have poor education, and those with a decent education can never get decent jobs because they live in good-ol-boy Nebraska and no-one around here wants to hire black people.  To get a job, a north Omaha boy has to be in the top 90 percentile in education scores…and that’s just to get a job.

A non-prejudice person driving in that neighborhood doesn’t think about 48 percenter’s who want a hand out...a normal American would just be sad. 

Each time I see a toddler waiting for a bus with his/her mom at 8pm…I just want to give that mom a car so she can get the kid home at a decent time, and then give them groceries so that kid can have a decent meal…but I can’t.  One person can’t help everyone.

That’s why it was important to me to vote for someone who has the same compassion that I do, and that’s why I voted Obama.  I just hope the next time around we have an Obama alternate and not two Romney’s to choose from.

Now that I have spoken my feelin’s, what about that fiscal cliff?

I say Obama has the upper hand when dealin’ with ol’ blue eyes (Boehner).  Boehner created the fiscal cliff a few years back by suggesting this horrible fiscal policy of eliminating Bush tax cuts for everyone, while cutting spending to record lows.

He never planned on doing any of it, he was gambling that Obama would loose and the deal would be null and void.  Well guess what? 

He lost.

Let the fiscal policy run as planned. 

That’s the starting point…If Boehner wants to amend the deal he already made…start with tax breaks for average Americans, and go from there.  If he doesn’t agree with that, continue with his horrible fiscal policy and suffer the consequences…deal done.

If Obama really wants to change Washington, its gonna get ugly…this is the ugly part.  But down the road, obstructionists will think twice before averting responsibility by making the deal they never plan to honor.

And that’s my take on that.

COMING NEXT: I get my nails done!

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