Sunday, October 14, 2012


At first I was “a-skaird” of the Romney, because he was waiving around that Tea Party flag all year long.

But after that last debate, I hardly care who wins.  Romney seems to have abandoned that Tea Party / Republican affiliation that made him so scary.

For example, last year, Scary-Romney said he would abolish Obama Care.  Now he says he never said he would reverse the Health-Care Law…he wants to keep the parts that are good, just like Obama, and work on the parts that he feels is not so good, just like Obama. 

And he’s right, he said he would abolish Obama Care not the Health Care Law…these are completely different things.  And isn’t that what Republicans really want, someone who will work on the Health Care Law instead of trying to get rid of it?

And taxes.  Scary-Romney said taxes will never increase for his secret society of billionaire donors, who by the way is very closely related to the infamous "Jimmy Olsen Secret Society of Sweater Thieves."  

Now he says a 20% tax rate for everyone and cut ALL loopholes…nice.  When you cut the loopholes, you bring in more capital from the wealthy…in his words, “That’s how you increase revenue…not by increasing taxes.” 

Although I am a registered Democrat, I like that!

He’s offers to collect more capital from the wealthy without increasing taxes, because he’s making a NEW tax code where the wealthy pay more right from the get-go.  It’s not an increase because, the new tax code has never existed before...

He’s like…a genius!  And best of all, he really sticks it to those billionaire jerks who dumped all that dirty money in his lap.  Good for you Romney…”stick-it” to the filthy rich…just like Obama!

And how about those heart-warming stories he’s been sharing…just like Obama.  Why just the other day he was giving a tearful testimony how when Bane Capital was young, he had to take a commercial flight, next to all those common people.  He could have caught a cold or got head lice from someone…disgusting.  And there was even a black man aboard!  He feared for his life, but he gritted his teeth and carried on, and made out…A-O-K!

As a matter of fact I think Romney is more like Obama, than Obama.

I think I just talked myself into voting for Romney!

Just think, twenty years ago the Feds were tracking down cult leaders like dogs, and having shoot-outs and what-have-you.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a leader of a major cult running the country? 

Mormon deities believe that God speaks to them directly.  Which is the coolest of the coolest!  Virtually, God will run our country.  For example, maybe God will reveal to the President “The Final Solution” to rid the country of immigration problems.   Like putting Hispanics in slave labor camps and working them to death…or putting them in showers and gassing us (I’m Hispanic).  Sure it’s a little crazy, but you can’t argue with the almighty!

Or maybe God will tell him to make “Special-Government-Kool-aid” which will be given to all the poor people…and over night, the jobless problem will be solved…’cause they is all dead.

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away…but a cult leader running the country?


COMING NEXT: What’s cooler that cool!

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