Sunday, August 05, 2012

Jerome’s left wing Job Killing Column!

The following column was submitted by Jerome Dahlman. It does not express the views or opinions of the Senitram Entertainment Network, its staff or affiliates. However, even if it did, we wouldn’t own up to it.

The Tea Party’s an Idiot, and here’s why.

I’m sure a lot of folks, like myself, feel the Tea Party insn’t gonna last long. I never really thought much about it, just a gut feeling.

Like gravity. When an apple falls, we expect it to fall on the ground and not to float into the air. Sure, there are a lot of math formulas that explain why that won’t happen, but we don’t think about that. We just expect the apple to fall…down.

And so it is for the Tea Party. I know the inevitable will happen, I just never looked at all the details tat will put that into play. So like Newton, I decided to take the obvious, and use pages and pages of calculations and formulas to explain why that darn apple falls down.

Here’s my analogy. The Tea Party is a long distance runner who convinced himself that if he weighs less, then he’ll run faster, so instead of diet and conditioning, he decided that cutting off a toe every few months will do just as good. Now its time for the race, but he can’t keep his balance. The whistle blows and he just falls right over.

One big reason the Tea Party will fall is oversimplification of complex policies (the all or nothing theory). This forces politicians to embrace radical agendas that only appeal to a limited audience. The result is alienation of groups that you need to win an election. Here are some examples of folks who will never vote “Tea” again:

They work for unions and the Tea party wants to destroy those “job-killing” Unions. No votes here.

Government Employees:
Again trying to cut costs by breaking contracts and retirement benefits for unimportant things like teachers, firefighters, and police. In my hometown, Republicans fought for 2 years trying to break promises made years ago to retiring firemen and policemen. Cutting costs to people who save lives and educate our children. Not only does that not merit re-election, it’s just plain foolish. No votes here.

Contractors and Labor:
Construction, welders and hard-hat laborers mostly work for Unions. Again the “Baggers” want to chop those “job-killing” Unions.

If the Unions are dismantled by the time the economy recovers, there still won’t be any good jobs, because good paying welding jobs will be non-union and now you gotta work for minimum wage…$7.25 an hour.


But don’t worry the economy will do fine, via Romne-nomics. Large companies can now hire twice as many people at half the normal wage. And isn’t that what you really want?…the satisfaction that the corporation you work for is healthy while you watch your children eat dog-food meatloaf.

Maybe the Tea Party will get some votes by illegal immigrants who need those low paying jobs. Oh, wait, illegal immigrants can’t vote… No votes here.

The Tea Party is against the “Contraceptive” bill, that made any profitable entity provide full insurance coverage to women. For a religion, that means that you can’t force your religious beliefs on people.

Second, if you can’t run a business separate from you religious feelin’s, maybe you shouldn’t be in the money making business. Forcing a religious entity to treat women equally, isn’t limiting a Church, it’s stopping the Church from discriminating against women.

Secondly, they ain’t go no place for abortions. I’m not really gun-ho about the subject, but in the case where the woman’s life is in danger, or a rape…I think those situations should definitely be up to the individual. Very few votes here.

Working Poor: The 99%.
This is funny, because many of the Tea Party constituents are low income folks that basically don’t like Black people. However, the Tea Party does not represent the interests of the poor. So 60% of the 99% will vote against their own interests if they is told to.

If they are told the last time “trickle down economics” was used…it worked. They’ll believe it!

If they are told pre-emptive strikes, always work…They’ll believe it because they is told to!

They are told gas prices have DECREASED from $3.50 to $4.50 a gallon…They’ll believe it! I love these guys! Ok, I guess you got some votes here.

Has anyone out there ever read “1984”?

The Sick and Elderly:
First of all, without Obama Care, insurance companies can crap on you all they want. One injury without insurance and you’re screwed for the next 10 or 15 years. I Romney get his way, we’ll be back to pre-existing conditions.

This means an insurance company can “tell you” that you have full coverage. But when the time comes for them to pay, they can come back and say that since you had a similar injury 27 years ago, now you don’t qualify for coverage.

And there you have it, 10 years of coverage at $450 a month down the drain. No votes here.

Middle Income:
Let’s face reality. Running a government costs money. Sure you can consider, debate, and talk about cutting costs. But when its all said and done, the changes made today won’t kick in for about 5 years in any economy.

In the meantime, if the 1% who control 99% of the money pay the lowest taxes in history. Who makes up the difference? Well, if you got a job, that would be you.

The Tea Party wants the poor may have a high percentage of taxes, but it doesn’t amount to much because…they’re poor and don’t have much to give. That leaves the middle class to come in and make up the difference. If you’re middle income, and you vote Tea, you are not wise.

African Americans:
The Tea Party started with the march on Washington, which consisted of a relatively small gathering of low income, low educated individuals. Most the televised images I saw showed “yee-haws” holding up banners with racist slogans. I was not impressed by these individuals nor to I expect African Americans to be. No votes here.

This is tricky, because most upper class latino’s are conservative and may gravitate toward any party that hoists the conservative flag; however, the Tea Party and Republicans are not conservative. If they were, they would have slashed the deficit back when Bush was President. But they didn’t. Spending went sky-high, with no taxes to make up for it. What I saw from the Republican Congress in the Bush years was a spending-spree with no effort of fiscal responsibility.

They say they are conservative, but their behavior displays a different trend.

Some votes here for Tea Party or Republicans because some Latino’s will listen to the words and not pay attention their deeds.

Basically when you subtract this many votes from this many groups, I find it hard to believe that a Tea Party candidate will ever get elected from a place other that the deep South.

Now lets look at the Tea Party/Republican Congress:
At first, saying you are the party of no compromise sounds real good.

However, no compromise in a two party system, means when all the speeches and T.V. appearances are over, you end up with 2 years of never accomplishing anything. It’s a good defense, just block everything the other side wants to do, but when it’s all said and done, you ain’t got nuthin’ done!

The party of “NO” has become the party of “No Achievement”. Even if you were brainwashed that’s a tough pill to swallow…double-plus un-good.

Second fall-back of the “Party of No.” That also means easy to predict, easy to manipulate, and easy to manage.

For example, lets say the President didn’t really want the insurance mandate…he just wanted to expand Medicare so any Joe could purchase it. Then, considering the party of no, he would enact the insurance mandate…let the Tea Party spend all their resources to dismantle it, then say, “Ok, you win! I guess we’ll just have to expand Medicare instead.”

Lets say the President WANTED to cut government spending dramatically. He would propose tax raises, and then the “party of no” would say that he’s going in the wrong direction. He then lets the “party of no” propose cuts that he would have done anyway.

See? He gets what he wants, and the Republicans take the heat for all the spending cuts.

Easy to predict, easy to manipulate.

And now you know!

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