Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hair today...

After years of running ads and not making enough money to even pay server expenses, I have come to the ultimate conclusion.

It’s just not worth it.
I’m sure you will all agree that and are totally cool, the concept is cool, and I am cool. Everything about our 11 year old experiment is hip and cool…except Stephen Johnson who is a complete asshole.

This is the real reason why I wouldn’t let him stay at my home when he came visiting. That and the fact that he is not potty trained. I’ve tried over and over, and just when I think we’ve made progress, I hear a familiar, “Ooopsies!” and its time to clean him up again. I try to be kind to the handicapped, but he’s one drooling idiot, I just can’t stand.

I mean that in a nice way.

Speaking of drooling idiots, the cast of “Jersey Shore” are gonna walk off the show if they aren’t paid the equivalent of ½ the US deficit per show, per idiot. I tried to watch this show about a year ago but couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes.

They give a handful of kids all the money and booze that they can or can’t handle, then we watch them make fools of themselves. That’s pretty much it.

Anyway, these guys think that they’re super-stars and the show will cancel if they quit, so they’re asking for more cash…just like Suzanne Somers. My suggestion is that they should take what they can get because they really are just a random handful of kids doing random mundane things. The producers could get anyone to do their jobs.

With no psychological diploma to back me up, I decided to diagnosis this as “The Charlie Syndrome.” It's kinda like "The China Syndrome" only with "Charlie" instead of "China". it's a disorder where the sufferer is wealthy; however, they have no recognizable talent or intelligence. Their good fortune is the result of dumb luck, but they aren’t smart enough to know that they’re just plain lucky.

Since their success defies the laws of physics (so to speak), then they develop the idea that THEY defy the laws of physics. This enforces the notion that they possess some sort of “magical” properties. Since, they think they have “The Magic Touch”, they will make very illogical decisions because magic defies logic.

Or in a more direct example, George Reeves jumped right out a window believing he would fly…he was unaided by the influence of drugs…an apparently unaided by magic.

Speaking of illogic, I overheard someone arguing against global warming today. They were convinced that all the unusual weather is rare but a normal occurance.

I believe this may be true.

But if you get right down to the nitty-gritty, the result of Al Gore’s theory was to reduce global emissions and fortify the nations levies and sea-ports. Had we started that project ten years ago, how would that have hurt anything today? With the Missouri flooding several states this summer, having a reinforced levy system sounds kind of nice.

I think you don’t always have to be right, you just have to do the right thing.

Of course our Republic did the exact wrong thing.

Speaking of Republicans doing the wrong thing, Congress is still playing Russian Roulette with our economy. Only instead of holding the gun to his head, John Boehner is holding it in front of your head and pulling the trigger.

He’s such a hero!

I believe he is doing everything in his power to Stimulate the Recession by not raising the debt limit. It seems to me that John Boehner is trying to ruin the American economy so he can blame Obama and a Republican might get elected President.

This antic doesn’t prove how much he loves our country, it just proves he’ll do anything to win an election. Which in this case is throwing the elderly and handicapped under the bus of prosperity being driven by billionaires.

His sacrifice is so noble!

When its all said and done, he’s banking on the fact that Americans are too stupid to remember that all the hardship he created was the grease that kept the Republican machine going.

But then again, maybe not.

Speaking of keeping the machine going, I almost forgot the big announcement about our web site! Starting as soon as I get around to it, I am going to discontinue all advertisements on and

I came to the conclusion that Ads are just not cool.

And you thought I was shutting down the web sites!

And now you know

COMING NEXT: We crunch some numbers…yea, math!

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