Sunday, June 26, 2011

No new news is no news

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Because of a computer glitch, I lost the nice picture that usually goes on the top right side of the column. Well, actually it has nothing to do with my computer. I just lost the picture.

This post will be a short because I just sat down to write it and I realized I haven't been taking notes all week, so I got no material.

Other than writing that I have nothing to write about....I have nothing to write about.

Wait, I just thought of something...

In politics, Republicans are doing everything in their power to stimulate the recession. I think, that they think, it will help get a Republican President. I don't really think that will work very well. Messing with the debt ceiling may give the recession a boost, but they may be fanning a flame they won't be able to put out.

If they artificially create a depression, it may stop the President from getting re-elected. But the Republican that is elected won't be able to help the economy, and if they play from the Republican trickle-down-economics-handbook they'll probably doom the economy for decades to come.

That's a lot of hardship to create, just to win an election.

And now you know,

COMING NEXT: Who here can swim?

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