Sunday, July 17, 2011

And now its time for the breakdown...

It’s election time again and AGAIN Republican candidates are telling the glories of “trickle down economics.”

I know some things trickles down-hill, but money ain’t one of them.

I was very disappointed last week when Tim Pawlenty would not denounce Michelle Bachmann’s reference to Obama as a “Gangsta-Administration.” First of all “Gangsta” and “Administration” just don’t go together. It’s like calling the black accountant the “Gangsta-CPA”. If your gonna make a racial reference to the President, just call him a “Gangsta”.

It just sounds better, and we all know what you mean.

Anyways, I found that reference offensive and inappropriate…and I’m not black. I just thought Tim Pawlenty was better than that. I guess I was wrong.

Concerning the debt ceiling again, I think we all know Boehner is trying to damage the American economy to make Obama look bad.

Four Trillion dollars cut out of the budget, and they turn it down? This was the deal of the century for Republicans. They will never get another chance to cut entitlement spending again. And they turned it down? I don’t think they’ll get another chance.


Here’s a news flash, denying revenues is the same as spending that same amount. If spending money on billionaires will create jobs, why don’t they provide a document where corporations pledge to create “x” amount of jobs per tax cut dollar amount?

If this argument is real, show us something concrete.

Another important point for our politicians to consider is the fact that Boehner refers as the debt ceiling “a line in the sand.” This is nothing of the sort. This is not negotiating. This is a knife on the neck of the American economy, and they’re saying, “Gimme what we want or she dies.”

This is a hostage situation. Obama has no choice, he cannot give them what they want, because if he does, they will come back again and again with threats of economic sabotage. This happened in the 70’s when terrorists were hijacking planes every week. Give in to the demands of terrorists and they will keep coming back.

Right now, as I see it, Cantor and Boehner are economic terrorists. In one year they may achieve what Osama Bin Laden attempted for twenty years….to bankrupt the USA.

As members who deliberately set out to disrupt the American economic structure, I believe if their irresponsibility leads to a disruption of our militaries abilities to defend the US, then they should be tried in a military court as economic terrorists. Then its up to the courts to decide what happens next.

Before anyone thinks this is unlikely, consider that the last Republican Majority Leader (Tom Delay) has been sentence to three years in prison with 10 years probation for money laundering.

COMING NEXT: Did I say that outloud?!

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