Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bagel for the Tillerman

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I haven’t posted anything for a month and even that was a stupid re-run!

I am not worthy of your time. Even less worthy of your time is Stephen Johnson. I couldn’t believe it when his last article posted. I could have sworn he died last week. Hmmmm?!

I put up a wordpress app on the sidebar of that allows you to put a story onto your Kindle for free! Free! FREE!!!

What’s new?
I will spare the Weiner jokes…too easy. All I have to say is I’m relieved that he was bothering a female and not a teenage boy.

Sarah Palin, everyone pokes fun, but did you know she got Alaska’s budget balanced? But guess how she did it?
Spending cuts?
No. She increased spending by about 30% her first two years.
She increased taxes on oil companies.
Go figure.
Now, on the national platform she says you should never-never tax corporations, because it’ll only bring heartache and misery...hmmm.

Speaking of budgets:
Congress is pretending that raising the debt ceiling is a radical, new, anti-republican idea. I guess if the Country defaults on its debts, then we all go into bankruptcy and its financial chaos. I don’t know much about the details, but that’s what I’ve heard on news programs.

I also understand, Bush made the same request back in 2003, 2004, 2006, and twice in 2008. He was hailed as a problem solver and was given a standing ovation from the Republican Congress each time.

Well, well, well.

This leaves me with a very uncomfortable question.

Has politics in America become so corrupt that Congress will deliberately try to sink the Country into a deep recession or depression, so Obama has lower approval ratings?

The idea of the kind of trauma a family goes through when both parents are unemployed for several years, should not be taken lightly.

My family lived in California during the seventies. Horrible economy.

No lunch programs, I ate lunch every other day.
I used to roll up my coat and hold it against my torso so classmates didn’t hear my stomach grumble (I rarely had breakfast).

Once, I lost a Spanish book, and coasted for a month before the school said I had to replace it or drop the class. I dropped the class.

We lived in four houses in two years and ended up in the ghetto. I remember going to bed hungry and listening to the radio until midnight, because I couldn’t sleep. That was the worst part of being poor…being hungry…for days.

God, that sucks. A part of me would die if my kids had to go hungry.

This is what the Republican Congress is wishing on millions of Americans, just so they can get a Republican President.


COMING NEXT: Vegatable Soup!

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