Monday, August 02, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

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For the first time in five years we embarked on a Senitram family vacation. I kinda’ avoided it for a few years when baby gurl II was still a toddler, but now she’s four and I think she can handle it.

The kids really got it better than I ever had. I remember going cross-country in a car with the windows rolled down in 90 degree weather with absolutely nothing to do but take naps and eat cookies.

The girls got air conditioning, music, and two mini flat screen DVD players and a back seat full of movies and cartoons. Even with all this, the conversations generally went like this:

Gurl I: “I’m too hot!”
Gurl II: “Noooo, its too cold!”
Gurl I: “Toooooo, hoooot!”
Gurl II: “Tooooooooooooo coooooooooold!!”
Me: “Shudddup you’s kids!”
Gurl II: “Waaaaaaaaa, You’re a bad daddy!”
Gurl I: Kindly tell my little sister to TURN DOWN THE SOUND ON HER TV!”

On her TV...spoiled kids.

There was one incident where Baby Gurl II slipped on the narrow steps of the “Crystal Cave” in the South Dakota. I caught her, I was going down backwards, in front of her, just in case. Us conservative folks do stuff, ‘just in case.’

And we did forget her at a rest-stop bathroom. Once I start driving, I take a head count, just in case. Maybe now I’ll start taking that head count before I start the car.

Then there were the frogs in the hotel swimming pool. Nope, I wasn’t prepared for that one. Baby Gurl II found baby frogs and thought they might like a swim. Took us all by surprise to see a bunch of little-tiny frogs all swimming together, some still had little tails stubs.

We had a little extra time and money and thought about going south, then back east, but I was concerned about all the Hispanic concentration camps going up in Arizona and New Mexico. Being Hispanic, I thought the whole family might end up in trouble.

If I remember right, once Jews got put in concentration camps, often they never came out. Yep, best to avoid, just in case.

Actually I like to called a “His-pan-i-cano.”

A hispanicano is a person who is Hispanic, Mexican, and Chicano.

A Chicano is an American born Mexican who’s treated like an illegal immigrant by police, security guards, fast food managers, shopping clerks, and ice cream vendors. That’s me!

Which brings me to Arizona.

On TV, an interviewed “Tea Bagger” stated, “We’re just trying to follow the laws that are on the books. We’re not changing anything, just enforcing existing laws.”

However, if it is illegal for local officials to enforce federal law, then you have to break the law, in order to enforce the law. I believe, that makes you a vigilante.

Now, your in the same rank as the guy who locks himself in a tower with a rifle and shoots everyone between the ages of 22-35, because that’s the median age of most criminals.

In his mind, local law enforcement isn’t doing a good job, so he has to take matters into his own hands. He thinks he’s saving lives, but everyone else knows he’s crazy.

Guess what Ms. Arizona Governor?

Everyone else thinks your crazy.

For the moment, you have a group of dim-wits who are cheering you on, but in retrospect, I’m pretty sure history will flag you as one of the people who tried to destroy the American way of life, by jumping on the bandwagon of a short lived fad.

Good job.

No, really.

Good job.

And guess what? By example, you’re encouraging vigilante’s to run amok. The bad news is, not all those vigilantes will be white folks killing Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans. Some will be Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans killing white folks.

I’m not sure this is a good road to travel.

Maybe its best to leave this immigration thing to smart people.

Speaking of biggest losers, currently Google is running ads for the GOP, which want people to tell Congress they can’t live without the Bush tax cuts. Since we run Google ads, they are running right here on!

I clicked the ad and filled out my name like this:
First Name: Whataboutthe
Last Name: DEFICIT?

I gave my real email to see what the reply would be.

Lets look at it like this, If you made a graph of the billions of dollars the USA would collect in taxes and made that bar about 2 feet high, then the money used to extend unemployment benefits would be two single sheets of paper next to that graph.

So the GOP is hoopin’ and hollar’in, jumpin’ up and down, doing the monkey dance, about those two sheets of paper and then try to pass a 2 foot high stack like it was nothing.

Not only that, not taxing millionaires and billionaires just puts money in banks and investments, which is fine – sometimes. Right now we need to stimulate the economy by giving that cash to folks who need it. They will use it to purchase goods and services which means more jobs.

Sure, stimulating the stock market is fine when the economy is stable. But right now, it’s like buying a new stereo for a car that has no engine.

COMING NEXT: I let the dogs out!

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