Monday, August 30, 2010

The Finger Makes a come-back!

This week the fickle-finger-of-fate award goes to the congress minority speaker John Boehner!


Every so often the folks here at likes to pick someone who's made the news lately and give him/her the finger. But only if they deserve it.

Last week with the not-so-bright-news of the economy, Boehner jumped in front of the news cameras to give Obama sound economic advice. Which is nice.

But lets back up a bit. In fact, lets back up quite a bit...back to my days as a wrestler in high school. There I was, ninth grade and I didn't make varsity. What did they do? Well they didn't make me team captain, that's for sure.

Yep, I was a real live water-boy. I had no say in anything, shuddup and get some towels for the real athletes. That's what happens when you fail.

In case everyone is going...aaaaawwwwww, I made the team the next year.

Anyway, Boehner had control of Congress and the nation's pocket book for a good number of years. We went from surplus to huge deficit. It was out of control spending. Boehner was speaker of the house and he was pulling the strings. His greed and lack of forsight brought the deficit.

In short, he failed.

So now after failing in the biggest way, he wants to be team captain. Sorry, but at this point you need to follow Bush's example and just sit low. Shuddup and fill water glasses, that's all your good for these days.

And this is why, John Boehner, would like to give you the finger!

Back to me...
When I got to varsity my sophmore year, it wasn't by throwing insults about the other wrestlers. Nope, I practiced with the team, went to a weight lifting program, and wrestled in junior olympics that summer. I worked hard at it and made the team.

Perhaps Boehner can make the team next year. But I think you'll need to do more than going on TV and suggesting that everyone else is incompetent. Sit down with a pen and paper, maybe a computer if you know how to use one, and put together a detailed economic plan. Then offer it to congress.

This is exactly what Obama did when he ran for office and it seemed to work nice for him.

COMING NEXT: ...the loading has begun!

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