Sunday, November 08, 2009

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Looks like we got a public option for healthcare. I guess that’s good.

It’s just hard for me to believe all the individuals who had stormed the streets, raised banners, shouted, screamed and stomped they feet against the bill. And for who? I’m not going to mention names, but when Lieberman said he would filibuster the health care bill, insurance company stock rose significantly.

You tell me who stands to loose with the public option.

I recall Ronald Regan (who I voted for) saying if we allowed the Medicare “theory”, it would lead to socialized medicine and the end of civilization as we know it.

Now Republicans are screaming, “Don’t cut my precious Medicare!”

Fifteen years from now if the budget cuts back some of the public option, Republicans will scream, “Don’t cut my public option!”

It’s hard to imagine that a political party can be incorrect on so many fundamental issues and still have half the country following them.

I think this was part of the “no child left behind act.” I’m sure Bush thought it was a just hunky-dory thing to do, but Dick Cheny knew good and well it would do more damage than good, and produce a generation of youngsters who just aren’t very smart. A simple minded population is a Republican population, and Cheny knows darn well that’s the way it is.

Obama thought he had a fight on his hands this year, wait until he starts improving the efficiency of the education system. An increase in IQ levels nationwide will tear the very fabric of the Republican party, and all the Rush Limbaugh’s and Glenn Beck’s of the world will go the way of the Dodo.

Since I mentioned cutting Medicare, don’t let anyone make you think that anyone is loosing anything with Medicare. They’re cutting the “Medicare Advantage” program, which are the Medicare programs managed by public companies like Humana and United Healthcare.

The benefits aren’t any better, the premiums are an average of 13% higher than standard Medicare, and in my experience it was impossible to get any customer service. It was a give-away for the insurance industry.

My mother had the Humana Gold Medicare coverage. When she found out she was paying more, she switched back to regular Medicare. During the switch Humana gave Medicare the wrong end of coverage date. As a result, she had a month where she was not covered. And, of course, during this time, she had a doctor bill that Medicare didn’t pay

All Humana had to do is contact Medicare and verify the date that the Humana Coverage ended.

I called and a customer service rep. said she would take care of it. I followed up in a month and there was not record of the request. I explained again. “Taken care of…” I was told. A month later, there no record of the request. Explained again. This went on for six months and they never corrected her coordination of benefits. I ended up just paying the bill out of my pocket.

And this is the piece of shit coverage people are afraid of loosing.

I hope we get to work on improving education, I really think we need it!

COMING NEXT: Puke on the wall, what’s up with that?

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