Tuesday, October 06, 2009

That's my Dick!

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Sometimes I when I see that someone is going to fail, I don’t say anything.

But I will give clues as to why they will fail. I don’t do that to help the individual, I want to see the belly-flop. I just do it so I can say, “I told you so.”

I’m talking about the followers of Dick Armey, founder of Freedomworks.org, which did everything from hotel reservations to bus rides to Washington. About a week before the 09/12 demonstration in Washington, Glenn Beck went on the air and called it his 09/12 project. Sure the extra advertisement helped the event, but it was way too far into the game to really make a difference.

So why get a spokesperson all of a sudden?

I think the founders caught on that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Dick Armey has so many failures on his hands that he might start inhibiting attendence, so the torch was passed to Glenn Beck. Fox says 1 ½ million people showed up. MSNBC says about 20 thousand, while CNN quoted about 60 thousand. I think the CNN reporting is more level headed reporting than either Fox or MSNBC.

The whole thing was just another Dick Armey failure, but not for the reason that most people think as stated in my 09/09/09 column.

You see an idiot would say, “Bob Senitram.” is trying to sabatage the outcome of the “freedom march”! I have to step in and save it. Yeaaaaah!

And that’s exactly what the caffeine/upper induced Glenn Beck did. I guess Rush Limbaugh was too high to offer significant help.

Actually I was hoping the march would reach the million mark, but that’s over 20 times higher than the reality. This is funny because if about 5 thousand people showed up, everybody would just laugh it off as another bone-head idea of Dick Armey’s goose-stepping racists.

But with a significant attendance many of the Republican politicians will think that catering to the interests of this small group will help them get elected. In reality, they would loose the Independent vote and loose any election they attempt.

So now they think Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh can help serve states elections. Which is great in the crazy-land that resides in Glenn Becks head.

But again we return to reality to find that these three stooges can’t be trusted to serve a pizza, let alone a state election.

Lets use an analogy. The Republican party is a big circus tent and there is a fire right in the middle (discontent). Now comes Dick Armey to the rescue in his corporate-clown suite, red nose, and big shoes, grabs a bucket and empties it onto the fire only to find out that it was full of confetti, which of course makes the fire worse.

Again we can wait for time to run its course and see if an “I told you so.” Will be appropriate.

Since I got a few more paragraphs to fill to collect my $1.00 column salary, here’s another miss-calculation. Since politician frequently fail, Republican decided to become the party of no.

But what if some of the stuff they immediately say no too, actually helps business and individuals? What about a success, how will that make them look?

Lets see…first destroyed the economy, got us into a two wars we can’t get out of, destroyed the economy. Now some policies are enacted one way or another and a lot of that mess is fixed up.

Now what are they? The party of “always wrong?” Try winning an election with that hanging over your head.

COMING NEXT: How much vomit would make a sink, sink, if a sink would sink vomit?

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