Sunday, September 13, 2009

You lie.

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That Washington Tea Party was not exactly the “Million Man March” that was anticipated, but it was estimated about 50,000 folks showed up and they didn’t hurt themselves or anyone else, so I was impressed.

In all fairness almost 75,000 actually tried to participate, but about 25,000 folks didn’t ride the busses and ended up in Washington state roaming around Seattle looking for the capitol building.

It’s sad that the quality of education in America is so poor, that this many people can end up patsy’s for the insurance industry.

Speaking of corporate patsy’s.

The statement from Joe Wilson is another matter. He oppologized then took it back. My thinkin’ is if he can’t behave he needs to be barred from all Congressional functions. He should be allowed to submit suggestions via written correspondence, but his voting rights and attendance needs to be taken away. This would be a deterrent from inappropriate behavior.

The President is commander in chief and head of state. You just can’t behave that way.

Think of it this way, what if during and overseas operations briefing a grunt jumped up in yelled “liar!” to his commanding officer? Would business continue as usual? I don’t think so. The shit would hit the fan.

This is what Joe Wilson did, and that is how he should be treated.

The Republican party is all out of sorts because they don’t control the government anymore, so they blame Obama. Here’s an idea for the Republican party. The next time you guys control Congress (and there will be a next time), try not to be so irresponsible that nobody wants to re-elect you.

Sure you gotta keep your special interest incomes, but how about mixing in a little something for the average Joe so on the next election he wants to vote for you. I’m talking average Joe here not stupid Joe who will follow you into a tar pit.

Anyways I’ve had a busy weekend and I don’t want to go on about this anymore.

Oh, one more thing, I think Glenn Beck has psychological issues and will probably end up in some sort of tragedy.

Rush Limbaugh, unfortunately will continue to throw up yesterdays mix of dinner and pain pills on Joe stupid, and they will both love every minute of it.

COMING NEXT: I sure hope something interesting happens!

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