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Sam from Michigan asks:

Dear Bob,
How are the Republicans convincing their party that supporting the insurance industry is going to somehow benefit them?

How do they do it?
I got Llamas I want to sell.

Dear Sam,

First let look close at the motto for that march on Washington goin’ on this week. Resist, Rebuild, and Restore. Hmmmmmmm?

Resist: Revolution? Are they promoting violence?
Rebuild: A reconstruction after the “revolution”?
Restore: Getting Ameri-kkk-a back in hands of Republicans, a.k.a. white folks?

Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t sound very patriotic.

Seems like a combo of different folks with different backgrounds all bonding together to form some bigger thing.

As an analogy, it’s like a “Sci-Fi” convention. Normally a 45 year old guy who lives in mamma’s basement and collects VHS versions of “Star Trek the Animated Series”, doesn’t have much of a social life.

Mix him up with “Battlestar Galactica”, “…Next Generation”, and “Dr. Who” fans in a nationwide convention, get some media coverage and now it looks like half the nation is a sci-fi fan.

So it is with the Republicans of late.

You mix up moderate conservatives with hard liners, then throw in some moderate prejudice folks, and mix in some nazi skin heads and some KKK members and you got yourself a nice respectable group of people to march on the Capital. All in the name of fat-stupid-sweaty-Rush Limbaugh.

They’re talking about revolution! That would be appropriate if the government no longer represented the U.S. population. However, in this case, people are crying revolution because the government doesn’t represent THEIR PERSONAL AGENDA.

Big difference.

Which is kind of a null point because this administration is offering something the republicans have been begging to have for years. I’ve heard many-a-republican complain that we live in a welfare state that gives everything to the people who don’t want to work. “WHEN IS GOVERNMENT GOING TO HELP THE COMMON MAN…THE WORKING POOR?” I’ve often heard.

As I see that’s exactly what this reform is.

My guess is, when fair pricing starts on insurance premiums the average Joe will save at least a thousand dollars a year (unofficial estimate).

So, as it stands, a main “corporate politician” tells his political party that they should personally give up a thousand dollars in order to allow the insurance industry to make a 9 billion dollar profit instead of 8 billion, and then they just go along?

The secret?

They make shit up. Oooooh, dey is gonna set up da deff squad…Ooooh. Dey got no ways to pay fow it. Ooooooh, dat black man ain’t a REAL Ameri-kkk-an no-hows. We’s got to take da kuntry bak befow it too late! Befow it tu late!
Schikun-pie-in-a-wiiiinnnnn! Schikun-pie-in-a-wiiiinnnnn!

If you took out the single payer idea, what’s left is a John McCain health reform. That’s a pretty good starting point for Republicans to start haggling. But instead of working FOR the Nation CORPORATE POLITICIANS decided to screw the people and help the insurance industry. Republicans won’t sit down and talk UNTIL the public option is taken off the table.

This is the same failed diplomacy Bush used with Iran, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy, and pretty much any other country that wouldn’t kiss his ass. Give me what I want, and then we’ll sit down at the table and talk. About what? How nice it is that you got what you want? It will just never work.

So who is the main corporate politician that is orchestrating all this in the name of the all mighty insurance industry? Who will take money directly out of your pocket so it can be inserted in the bank accounts of corporate CEO’s. Who is low enough to pad his pockets with your hard earned money?

His name is Dick Armey (R-TX).

He is the head of FreedomWorks, the organizer of protesters at town hall meetings. They even have a kit you can download that tells you what to say and do so you sound stupid.

Freedomworks is also associated with Resistance.org and grassfire.org. These are more hardliner groups who focus on mixing up a deadly cocktail of racists with normal people with an underlying goal of feeding a violent resistance.

This isn’t official, but I heard Dick Armey’s organizations are recruiting skin-head ex-cons and has even gone as far as getting Texas prisoners released early so they can join his “Revolution” known secretly as the “Klan’s Insurance Security Society for Assuring Special Standards”, (KISSASS).

Speaking of Dick Armey and his struggle:

He was Chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) an “industry-funded” think tank, which supported economic deregulation. I guess you can say he succeeded because deregulation of the stock market occurred and then those policies almost slid us into another Great Depression.
Screw the people, support them corporations! That’s our Dick!

He rejected wellness programs because he wanted to tax smokers and if people quit smoking the nation would loose too much revenue. Don’t be surprised to hear that Philip Morris helped fund the CSE. Wow, you just keep sucking, Dick.

The “CSE” was created by the notorious “Koch” brothers who have links to organized crime and built a financial empire by stealing from the government. Our man Dick has gone where no man should venture!

The failed policies of the CSE can no longer be found on the web, the organization became…you guessed it freedomworks.org.
Come-a, come-a, come-a, come-a, chameleon Dick. You come and go. you come an goooooo.

In 2008, he created a web site purposely designed to look like an amateur site called NoWallStreetBailout.com. The site told us of the evils of the stimulus package. So lets get this straight. He supported the policies that created the economic crisis, and then he opposed the only solution made available and offered no solution of his own?
Now that’s a Dick that’s willing to take it from both sides!

Now we’re back to think-tanks. In 1987 he founded the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI). They came up with this winner:
“President Bush's Prescription Drug Benefit Proposal: A Good Start on Meeting the Needs of Seniors in Need”.
So when do the benefits kick in, its been over four years now? I really like the title, it really meets the needs of readers in need of a title.
I wish they didn’t make it soooo-hard for my poor Dick to get his viagra.

In summary, Dick Armey supported deregulation, wants more people to smoke cigarettes, didn’t want the stimulus, and thought the failed prescription drug program was a great idea. Anything else, oh yeah, he voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.

So to summarize the summary, he’s never gotten anything right. And you morons are following him to Washington to sing Kumbaya next to drug dealers and sex offenders recently released from prison.

Have fun!

COMING NEXT: Bob posts his column on Sunday and not three days late…maybe!!!

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