Monday, August 24, 2009

My Tummy a Doc!

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After all the hub-bub in the town meetings and folks makin' issues with health care and what-not, I decided to do a lookin' up on the subject. These are the observations I made.

Folks calling President Obama names and takin' guns to meetings and rally's and the things of that nature, just don't seem right to me. Sure, I personally had many, many, many, many issues with George Bush, but I never went down a the violence road or advocated it. In fact, toward the end I actually felt sorry for him. I really think he wanted to what was good for the country; he just didn't have the ability or honest advisors.

It's sad really, the last year of his Presidency, I really got the feeling that Bush felt he was miss-lead down many roads and he had failed in so many different ways he was afraid to act on anything. I think he became really depressed when he realized that none of his ideas worked in the real world.

Having said that, looking at the actions of his administration and comparing it to Obama's goals, really makes me scratch my head when folks call Obama a Hitler-Nazi dictator. And since someone else has made the comparison lets look at the actions of the two.

Invaded Afghanistan -really, we had to do that.
Invaded Iraq for God-knows-why reasons.
Opened up a "Concentration Camp" for terrorists.
Approved torture.
Put a "hit" on a CIA operative that he didn't like.
Approved illegal eavesdropping of US citizens.
Squandered an economic surplus, by giving massive tax cuts to rich folks then starting a war that seems will never end.
Allowed de-regulations that basically almost swirled us into a depression.

Used tax money to stimulate the economy.
Opened up dialogs with other countries, friends and foes.
Used tax money to help the Auto Industry.
Now attempting provides health care for folks that can't afford it.


Stimulating the economy, making friends and helping others. Yeah, that sounds like Hitler to me.


I guess that's what makes stupid people stupid. Their actions and words have no meaning and just don't make any sense.

In perspective, public healthcare will probably be the best thing the US has done in the last 100 years. Not only will it help others in a compassionate way, the healthcare industry has been so counter-productive to the economy that taking that burden off the backs of millions of Americans will be an economic stimulus in itself.

I realize this may cause insurance industry to drop their profits from 10 trillion dollars to 9 trillion dollars, and they've probably put a lot of that money in the pockets of many politicians, but it's just a sacrifice we'll have to make.

Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.

Sometimes, you just need to do the right thing. Cast your bread upon the water and trust doing what’s right will bring a positive result.

COMING NEXT: Who’s in charge of this so-called-Republican uprising!!!

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