Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Lease

Previously I said my next column would be about my very scary dream. But now I can’t remember what it was about…I do remember waking up a-scared. Probably nothing compared to the writings of PS Gifford, but for me, I guess it would make up a good story.

I was a “grunt” in the air force, it was war, I was scared. That’s pretty much it…Oh yeah, I got cut in half real good. Maybe more detail next week.

The columns/blogs are actually ready to start our server. A working model is up at , the only thing stopping my from giving each writer a password is some of the details of archiving the columns, but we have about three years worth of columns that haven’t been archived…but they are saved in the blogger site…so I got them all downloaded to the new site, but haven’t finished organizing it all.

Well after almost ten years of writing this blog, I think I all ran out of funny, so I’ll just have to talk about the world.

Again I turn to Fox news to find out what’s on the minds of those who have not been blessed with a memory or knowledge. Since they operate within a state of fear, I will list the Fox new topics as fears, rather than news…

Fear #1
Obama is going to let Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) Develop nuclear weapons, and then they will bomb Israel.

Perhaps policies that favor an Iran that behaves with reason is mistaken for the go-ahead to get nukes. I believe Obama is appealing to the people of Iran – not Ahmadinajad. One variable Hannity seemed to ignor is Iran is having an election soon and Ahmadinajad is not looking too good. He has a contender, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who is more concerned about the economic success of the country than anti-west posturing. Considering that goods have doubled in stores since Ahmadinejad come into office, people are probably not too excited about re-electing him. Thus; all the “counter-posturing” suggested by Hannity would be null and void.

Fear #2
The government is driving the nation to bankruptcy!!!

This is not surprise since conservatives tend to save while those with a little more backbone tend to invest. All they see is the government is going to invest in 70% of GM and we are investing huge sums of money into stimulus and banks.

What they don’t mention is the intention to carry stocks in banks and GM until the market gets good them making those investments available to the market. The administration doesn’t calculate this variable in the budget because it would be too speculative, but they should get a good return. Which means the deficit may get better quite a bit sooner than anyone expects.

The “ground ready stimulus” is already starting to have a positive effect on the economy and it is estimated we’ll see a pick up in the economy from the trickle down effect of contractors getting contracts by fall. So again the Fox commentators are just making a future case that they are always wrong.

Fear #3
Sotomayor will imprison all male caucasions.

Rush is the only person who has the “guts” to call it like it is…she’s racist.

That’s what I like about Rush Limbaugh, he always tells you ahead of time that he is going to say something incredibly stupid by starting with the phrase, “I’m the only one with the guts to say it, but…[insert stupid comment here].

Out of thousands of statements, she made one that, perhaps taken out of context, sounds really bad. Rush and Newt want to make a decision without reviewing the details, or her professional career. Isn’t that the foundation of prejudice…pre-judging?

What a couple of idiots.

But we shouldn’t be too hard on poor-fat-sweaty-drugged-out-Rush. He’s trying to get well, it just that…well, it takes a few years for the effects of mind altering drugs to get out of someone’s body. Assuming he really quite.

COMING NEXT: I guess that dream wasn’t so scary after all!

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PSGifford said...

That is a scary dream! I want to read more about 'the being cut in half' part...