Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Language of Love….

“No, really, I have no idea what I’m doing.” I tried to convince the pilot while I put on my gear…probably incorrectly.

“All you need is a trigger-finger, I fly toward the advancing troops. I shoot the “scatter-missiles” from a safe distance. Once we’re directly above them, I shoot as we approach, then you shoot from the back at what’s left. This baby is equipped with at least a half hours worth of shooting, there’s no way you’d us it all. Like I said, all you need is a trigger-finger…kapish?”

“Sure.” I replied, while I thought, “There’s no trying to talk myself out of this one, I’m in for keeps. But I really don’t think any of us are coming back.”

“Like you said, it’s fail proof.” I added.

Next thing I know, I bobbing around in the back seat watching the land fly past me. Kind of like looking out the back window while your folks drive…only better. I hear the first round of rockets shoot from our craft.

Then I hear the second.

Then I hear from my earpiece, “Jesus. What the fuck?”

That don’t sound good to me. “What’s up?” I yell from the back.

“I gotta turn around and make a few more fly-by’s with these scatter missiles.”

“I thought it was a one-time run fly-by?” Came my reply.

“They must have screwed with our satellite signals or somethin’, but we got way more troops than we expected…Jesus, there’s a shit-load of ‘em heading towards base.”

“I know I’m not officially army-trained, but how much is a shit-load?” I ask.

“I don’t know? I’m guessing about half the population of China.” Came the not-so-confident reply.

“Ok, I got ten rounds of scatter missiles and we just shot out two.” He continued. “I’m gonna shoot two more, turn around again and shoot the last one. Then we’re gonna do what we can with the guns.

“Do what we can?” I thought as I bounced around for another round of missile fire. “What ever happened to fail-proof?”

The craft tilted toward the right as we began our second turn-around. As we approach, we are going lower than before, I can really see the ground now. Last shot. We’re really going low now.
My head goes a little blank at the first round of gunfire from the front. It’s really loud.

I’m starting to see bodies now, some moving, some not…most are moving.

This is my queue…

COMING NEXT: All in a dream, all in a dream…

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Anonymous said...

you have some straaange dreams, friend.