Sunday, October 19, 2008

The rubber that could,,,

A few weeks ago I announced that the new blogger section (Strange Bloggin’s) was nearly ready to go…well, still not yet.  Time restraints have prevented me from doing what I had planned.  Soon, soon.  If you want to see the test it’s at

Speaking of the new story section, has had a new addition, and not just any new story; Joshua Blanc has submitted the fifth installment of the “Mr. Sock-for-a-Head” series.  Mr. Sock-for-a-head was the FIRST story submitted to’s fiction section. 

That was ten years ago.  Back then, a writer sent his/her story via email, and I laboriously posted it.  Creating links and archives and what-not.  In today’s modern version of My Strange Stories, he just created an account and posted it, and it was linked, archived and posted before I knew about it. 

A few years ago, writers would have to wait several months before a story got posted.  Now, you got the story and it’s posted!  Nice. 

Anywho, go here to read the latest… . 

About that sloppy rubber. 

I got a rubber a few years back, and although I’ve taken great care of it, it just doesn’t seem to have the life that it used to have.  I was under the impression that it would last for many years. 

Naturally I expected that after lots of tender loving care it would grow bigger and stronger than it was when I bought it…and it did!  But much to my surprise it now peaks at about four feet.  I expected positive results from a healthy lifestyle, but never expected this!


I expected my wife to be excited about the change, but a few weeks ago she said, “If that thing gets any bigger I’m throwing it outside!”  

She was serious. 

I was so proud as it kept growing and growing, but now it hangs to one side and is crooked.  It just doesn’t seem healthy. 

I tried cleaning and dusting it, rubbing it gently with aloe to let it know I cared.  I even read bed time stories to it, but it just wouldn’t stand straight and tall like it used too.  I was worried that if I didn’t do something soon, it would turn brown, shrivel up and just fall to the ground.

Like all Americans, I wanted to do the right thing, but not until all other options had been exhausted, so with no other choices left, I went to a store that specializes in plants and told them my sad story of the tilting rubber plant. 

Turns out I just needed to buy a stake and tie the plant to that to make it stand up tall…they said that’s what they do.  I looked around, and sure enough all the taller green plants were tied to stakes!

Who knew?

COMING NEXT…If Republicans were smart, everything wouldn’t be so shitty.

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