Sunday, October 05, 2008

What's New!

Well, with all the stuff happening in the news last week I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll ignore the important issues and talk about what we’ve been doing at


The new version of the story section is coming along very nicely. has a lot of new stories being published on a regular basis. 


We don’t have the traffic that AlarminglyStrangeStories had a few years ago, but it seems to be picking up new stories and traffic each time I check.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage everyone to see some of the great new stories we’ve had posted in just the few months we’ve been up and running with the new format.


Basically, writers can post a story instantly.  Since we still enjoy pretty good traffic and still get good search engine rankings, you story will ride piggyback with other popular stories and will get read. 


Also new, and almost ready to be live is the new section for the blogs!


Lunatic Blogs will have the name changed to “Strange Bloggins’” and will be hosted on our own servers.  Currently our blogs are hosted by 


I’ve modified the Wordpress blog program to host our blogs and they will be posted at  You can visit, but it’s not done yet.  The best part of this system is it will allow people not to just read our blogs, but to post a column as a guest.  Also like the My Strange Stories section, it will allow you to post a comment right below a blog you’ve just read.


The new section will have a nice easy to navigate archived section that will give access to each blog we’ve written since 2000.  I think folks will like it.  Who knows maybe someday our advertisements will pay for the sites server!


Now back to that bailout business I was talking about last week.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think it will have the desired effect.  In the long run, I think our treasury will have to print more money with nothing to back it and the value of the dollar will go down for a while.  It’s quit a mess to fix for the next President.


Now to the debate…


Sarah Palin did ok.  She didn’t fall off the stage or stumble around too much and I think that was all that was needed to keep the Republicans happy.  Although I really got the feeling she was reciting information about stuff she knew very little about.  It was watching someone who read cliff notes from a book, debating the Author of the book.  Joe Biden just knows the facts and can discuss them more comprehensively.


I just don’t understand why McCain doesn’t modify the old position of trickle-down economics?  It seems this week’s economic news is a grand slam against that way of thinking.  If he’s the candidate of change, why isn’t this failed policy changing?  It’s not like McCain will loose any Republican votes.  Republicans always vote within their party.  A talking horse can be on the ticket and they’ll vote for it.


Seems to me their stance to not change is great for the base but doesn’t do anything to get Independent votes.  When they try character assassinations, the base gets in a frenzied whirlwind, but the Independents just get pissed off and that’s who he needs to win.


A relative once said, back about eight years ago when McCain was running against Bush, that McCain is just a Democrat who won’t leave the Republican Party.  Although I don’t agree, I do think that is characteristic of the way Republicans think of McCain.  They don’t like him, but they’ll vote for him because he’s on the ticket, so he really needs to just forget about them and try to appeal to the Conservative Democrats and the Independents.


I still have trouble comprehending why “Joe Six Pack” would vote for a ticket that is telling you in plain English that they will take money out of your pocket and give it too CEO’s.  Maybe that’s why so many Republican Politicians get into trouble with gay affairs.  They’re so used to screwing folks from the back end, it just becomes a way of life.


COMING NEXT…Don’t get me wrong, I am a Republican.  I’m just waiting for a Republican party to support.

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