Monday, October 02, 2006

The Final Solution for Nebraska

Gene from NE asks:

A few weeks ago you mentioned democracy in Iraq will fail. WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE!!!

P.S. I thinks you wrong.

Dear Gene,

I notice you are from Nebraska.

This reminds me of the Pete Ricketts and Ben Nelson. What I don’t like about Pete Ricketts is his “skin head look”, letting Nebraskan’s know, “He’s with-ya brotha.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

That means Bad news to Blacks, Mexicans, and any other non-Caucasian that wanders into Nebraska.

Example: Earlier in the campaign Ricketts ties illegal immigration to “The War on Terror.” As we all know, most terrorists come from Canada and Mexico.

Now Pete Ricketts is all over Ben Nelson for being “soft on Mexicans.” Ricketts wants to spend billions of dollars to get rid of Mexicans one by one earning the respect of “his brothers.”

If you wanted to solve the illegal immigration problem, just put restrictions and fines on the companies that employ them. The government gains money instead of spending it and illegal aliens stop coming if there is no reason. There you go, problem solved.

Rather than solving the problem, he sees it as an opportunity to bring hardship and misery to Mexicans one by one. And that’s his solution. The Ricketts slogan is, “Nebraska Values.” And if I read him right, I think, he thinks, that we think, we’re all looking for a white supremist who wants to racially cleanse Nebraska.

Back to your question.

Predicting the inevitable failure of Democracy in Iraq doesn’t require the CIA or a multi-national-intelligence program, or anything like that.

You just need a history book.

Lesson one: Great Britain tried to occupy Iraq way back when they were the big superpower. A couple of soldiers were ambushed every single day for 75 years. They gave up and set up a puppet regime and left town. Within a week that guy was beheaded, and the rest is history. This tells me Iraqi’s have a reasonable level of resolve when it comes to being occupied.

Lesson two: About 100 years ago Woodrow Wilson, announced, now that Democracy has been planted in East Asia all we have to do now is watch it grow. The rest is history, China hasn’t exactly been a thriving democracy ever since. Giving a country an injection of democracy just doesn’t work and all the flag waiving in the world isn’t going to change human nature.

Here’s the “why,” to that…

Democracy has to evolve. Societies need to establish civil liberties and free enterprise before people start wanting more. Democracy is the next step. Injecting democracy into a culture is like pulling a fish out of water and telling to start breathing air so it can become mammal.

I’m quite certain that given free elections without an establishment the those basics will give folks at the bottom of the totem pole a chance to think how crappy things are and they just get angry and turn to violence.

With all the current variables at play in Iraq, it was more of a gamble than anything else. Which means the Republican cry of “Stay the course,” is the equivalent of a gambler crying, “Stay the course” when he’s loosing one hand after the other.

Perhaps, the description of “cut and run,” should be changed to, “cut your losses,” since all logic dictates we are playing a game, which we’ve already lost.

I know it’s not what folks want to hear, but I hate to see our brave soldiers die out there for something that is destined to fall apart as soon as they leave.

And now you know.

COMING NEXT: It’s gotta be the tea!

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