Sunday, January 22, 2006

On the quick

This is a quick post mostly to test the new blogger format. hasn't been updated for a few weeks, which is a first in our five year history; however, some unusual circumstances has prevented me form the regular blogs and short story updates. Archives have been a bit to reorganize. But don't worry, I think things will soon be back to normal.

The part that makes archiving so hard is this site started long before blogging was the thing to do, and it was all done by scratch using html. Then came the web editor, but it was till html for all practical purposes. Now were adding the php and blogger stuff, to a site that has thousands of archived pages, so it's taking a little time. But this is a great time to remind folks to visit the archived columns and alarmingly strange stories...we have the motherload!


Osamma done made himself a tape. Here's my crazy take on it. I think he has something big planned, all ready to go...a done deal. Now he makes a tape calling a truce, which he has no intention on honoring. But he knows we'll laught at his face and say, "broo-ha-ha, a man such as this can't be trusted. Broo-ha-ha, his suggestion is rediculous, fooey on him, fooey, I say!"

He's counting on this, now he'll let loose whatever terrorism he has planned and can turn to his recruites and say, "Look, I offer an olive branch and they turn their heads." Then he will seem justified for his attrocities, because he offered a way out, but we choose not to take it. He's trying to make us US guys the bad guys.

How about this. Embrace his offer and ask him for terms, see what he has planned about this (probably nothing). Then he will do what he had planned anyway, but Osamma will look like the bad guy to the Muslim for offering the olive branch, but not respecting it. Then some recruites may stop and say, he just wants to kill whitey. No solutions, no purpose...he just hates the white folks, and for that he wants everyone to die. Maybe, just maybe a few future terrorists will decide to just keep walking.

As I predicted before the war started, going into Iraq will be the biggest Al Queda recruitment Osamma could ever wish for...well, I think that was the case. Now we got one more chance, are we gonna help him recruite more terrorists or will we hinder the terrorists?

I'm not blamming Bush for whatever may happen, but he does have a chance to make Osamma look the fool to his own people, and that could be a valuable tool.


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