Sunday, January 08, 2006

Almost ready for 2006

You are now reading a temporary format that I loaded from Blogger. I had been working on my own format; however, I came across technical details and I just can't use it. I didn't know until I tried loading it so several months of work is down the

So here's the no-nonsense format. To tell the truth I kind of like it better. For you guys who don't know, setting up a new year means I make new folders and templates for the new year for stories and columns; however, I did something that no one should ever do and as a result I couldn't do the updates.

Instead of shutting down windows, in a drunken stupor I signed off. This means to use my computer again, I need a user name and password that I don't have. As you can guess, I worked around the problem; however, I still can't log on to the original user that was set up, but I can swipe the documents onto my new operating system.

Me, me, me, that's all I'm talkin' about today. Concerning last week, Jack Ass-en-kroft spilled the beans just like I said, so there. Delany is preparing to go to Jail and Cheny is busy shredding documents, and selling soda and magic markers to the military in Iraq at $5,000.00 a pop, meanwhile, I hear Bush is planning to go back to school to get that GED, so Cheny will be running things for a while...unless he goes to jail or something.

Speaking of Iraq, I understand they are a-scarred that there police and military aint ready and US may pull out too soon. As a result, they plan on declaring war on themselves in hopes the US will want to jump into the thick of things to make sure the wrong side don't win.

Or loose.

And now you know!

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