Monday, September 05, 2011

Stop shitting in my food!

Originally I planned on skipping the column once again, but I came to the lower basement to roll a cigarette and just decided to sit down and write. This is a multi-purpose room for me, this is where I exercise, maintain our budget, store beer, roll cigarettes and work on The Weirdcrap. But I also share it with our 14-year-old kitty.

Since he’s been diagnosed with diabetes, he’s been peeing in odd places, so to the lower basement he goes. It stinks down here.

And I got stomach flu, which don’t help. Last night me and the ol’ lady ate at Biaggi’s (a fancy Omaha restaurante), I’m sure an employee either spit, sneezed, or shit on my food. I had the runs all day. Normally I only eat at fancy Asian or Mexican restaurants (in Omaha).

It’s like this, if your Black or Hispanic and you go out to eat fancy in Omaha, some dimwitted-bucktoothed-inbreed-Husker fan is gonna shit on your food because white-folk in Omaha get mad if they see minority folk doin’ well.

And eatin’ fancy is doin’ well.

Which reminds me of the Tea-Party.

You see in Omaha, NE racism is so rampant because the average Nebraskan has traces of inbreeding and genetic disabilities. Just go to any airport that has a destination to Omaha and look at the people boarding the plane. You will see people with hunched backs, deformed faces, severe buckteeth and retardation. They got some genetic disadvantages.

Nebraska has one of the lowest scoring educational systems in the country. So the State isn’t being run by rocket-scientists. When you live in a society being run by people who mostly have physical and mental disabilities, they rely on a magic bag of benefits because they can’t rely on the merits of their abilities. In order to cash in that magic bag of benefits and opportunities that stupid people need, you have to be prejudice.

These are the jerks that keep shitting on my food.

Which reminds me of a classic quote from an ex-employer on the eve of interviewing a black person, “…and remember, what ever she has to offer, we don’t need.”


In this instance, they ended up hiring a white, high school, dropout, with no experience over a 2-year college student who was majoring in the field of the companies business.

And this my friends reminds me of John Boehner. No matter what Obama offers, his reply is, “Whatever that black man has to offer we don’t need!”

Just a month ago, Boehner was jumping up an down shouting, “We’ve got to stop the Obama JOB-KILLING-BILL!!!” What was he talking about? Adding revenues to tax cuts to balance the budget…but get this, they were only taxes to people who make millions per year, who have been paying 10% less taxes than you or I for the last 10 years.

But what was the Tea Party and Boehner’s response? “Whatever President-Black-Man has to offer we don’t want.”

This Tea-Party wants to create disadvantages, so those who hold that magic bag of benefits can cash in.

They want to break up the Unions, because they think the economy will thrive if we all make $2.50 an hour with no benefits.

They want to keep the country poor, so they can blame Obama.

They want to keep the country stupid with no child left behind, to increase the Republican base.

My conclusion?

If you are Black and you vote Republican, you are a fool.
If you are Hispanic and you vote Republican, you are a fool.
If you are in a Union and you vote Republican, you are a fool.
If you are unemployed and you vote Republican, you are a fool.
If you are a school teacher and you vote Republican, you are a fool.

Gee, I guess I’m just tired of the weakest and dumbest of society calling the shots and shitting on my food…and you should be too.

And now you know!


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