Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bob on Obama

I think he has surrounded himself with really good experts in just about every field. Apparently, he’s not afraid of confrontation.

As far as the stimulus goes, I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed, but my opinion on the stimulus concept usually sways in the direction of “Don’t do it.”

Bob on the Economic Stimulus:
I hate to admit it, but I was against the first stimulus that most of us got after tax time last year. It seemed we needed fiscal responsibility not a handout. It was nice but we needed to redirect tax rebates away from the top 1% of the country’s wealthiest and redirect that to the middle class.

Instead we gave money away to the 1%, then they gave more money away to the general public. Seems like switching to a responsible tax plan would have do the same thing and cost half as much. The idea was nice, but it didn’t work and we ended up with a deficit that is more inflated then I think it needed to be.

The next stimulus was the TARP fund/bail outs. I was against it, it seems like we needed to let the economy “re-set” itself so that supply and demand represented real income not inflated figures as a result of too much credit spending. It didn’t work.

Now we have the new stimulus that has a main focus on stimulating the economy by creating infrastructure jobs. Although I still think a balanced government budget should be the priority, creating jobs is necessary because if no one is working, you got no one to collect taxes from, which is what you need to balance a budget.

This may be a first for me, but I think the Republicans are right.

We need to bring that stimulus as low as it can go and only spend money on job creation and extending unemployment and things of that nature. I agree with the “wish list” items added to the stimulus, but this is not the time to add them. Many programs need to mended and financed but not in this stimulus.

If too much “stuff” is added to the bill, then the public will not view this as an economic lift, they will view it as an economic burden and the public view of the bill will in turn be reflected in the economy.

Bob on Rush:
Just because I said I agree with the Republican view, please don’t assume I believe anything that Rush Limbaugh says.

I added Fox News to my satellite so I can see what the conservative front is thinking. I watched a program with Rush while on my exercise bike. I didn’t hear any intelligent arguments based on anthing specific at all.

Instead I heard all the right catch phrases like, “I’m a thinker.” Or “I’m not swayed by emotional frenzies.” Then he didn’t fill in any details of what exactly he was thinking about what would or wouldn’t work. Instead I heard phrases like, “The emotional frenzy surrounding Obama.” And “They follow him like a cult.”

Rush was going on how he doesn’t know anything about Obama because the liberal media hasn’t informed him. It’s a plot to keep the true identity of Obama a secret. “True Identity?” Does he think he’s The Spider Man?

Maybe if Rush sat down and read “The Audacity of Hope” and spent less time doped up on pain pills in front of the TV, he would know a little more about our President.

Now he lashes out critical evaluations and insults toward Obama and quite frankly the only thing I find more distasteful is his appearance on a television screen.

However, he has a large following and probably represents a good eighth of the population. Unfortunately an eighth of the population is under-educated, overweight, and either drunk or on drugs.

At least he has something in common with his followers.

Bob on Goodbye’s:
Time to go now, have a good week!

COMING NEXT: I hope I get silly again!

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