Monday, October 15, 2007

How dumb are we?

So a few weeks ago I wrote about Baby-Gurl II getting an ear infection and not sleeping. Since I’ve been getting up with her, it left me worn out due to lack of sleep and stepping up my work-out routine right before the sleepless nights began.

As soon as she gets over the infection, she starts up with four new teeth…poor thing. More sleepless nights. Again with the fevers, I think it’s just the teething.

How dumb am I?

Didn’t I just mention a week ago if the sleep ain’t right…the kid ain’t right?

I take her to the Doctor and she does have a virus. I kept her home two days and by Friday she’s back to normal.

Last night I slept the whole night, 10pm to 6am. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

Anyways, I got an email last week about my immigration comment. To my surprise, they supported the concept and even ended it with, “I can’t believe I never put the two together. How dumb am I?”

My idea was simple. If we won’t have enough work force to support the Social Security and Medicare for the baby-boomers (I’m guessing 25 – 30 years down the road), and if we have immigrant’s just dying to become a member of the work force, why not set up a system that welcomes them and allows us to accurately track and tax them. With the added work force we should be able to maintain our social security and medicare obligations.

Here are some more, “How dumb are we’s?”

After 9/11, when the air in New York was literally toxic, Giuliani assured the general public the air was safe and everyone should go back to their home and get back to work.

Don’t want to let them terrorists win, ya’ know.

The asbestos and toxic gasses were so bad EPA employees were coughing up blood by the end of the first week. My prediction, as a result of ignoring recommendations and common sense, Giuliani will be responsible for untold thousands of deaths due to respiratory problems directly related to everyone rushing back to work after 9/11.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, I think Giuliani’s poor judgement will kill more Americans than Osama and George Bush combined.

And now he may be elected President of the USA…How dumb are we?

Ann Coulter has a book called, “If Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans.” I don’t know the details of the book, because I haven’t read it. But how can a statement like that hold water when Republicans ran the country for the last eight years and made bad-horrible-stupid decisions every step of the way?

I took the liberty of looking up the un-employment rate of the last 50 years. If you alight the dates of surging unemployment rates with Republican Presidential terms, they line up almost perfectly. So every time, not once in a while…every time, every, time, EVERY – TIME, we have Republicans in the White House the economy goes in the shitter.

However, according to Ann, this is good.

It just goes to show, slap a catchy title on a book, show a little cleavage and you got yourself a best seller. How dumb are we?

Earlier this summer, I saw what looked like was skin-head in a car next to me with a wife beater on, and what looked like a swastika tattoo on his shoulder . I don’t know if it was permanent or not…but he looked like a classic skin-head. Scarry, I tried not to stare. What was most surprising to me at the time was the music booming from his car.

Gangsta-Rap, maybe Fitty-cent, I don’t know. I stopped listening to rap when Run DMC stopped makin’ records. But it puzzled me all summer. Why would a skin-head support Gangsta-Rap? Then recently it occurred to me.

It’s all about killin’ brothers, and disrespecting black women and all the things a skin-head would support. It’s like a self-cleaning oven, Black culture disrespects themselves so the skin heads don’t have too.

I guess back in the Jim Crow days, it took a lot of effort for the KKK to kill black people and try to grind them into the ground, now we do it ourselves. How dumb are we?

Where’s Stevie Wonder when you need him?

And now you know.

COMING NEXT: About those dreams!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Dumb.

Good thing W started no child left behind.

OH WAIT - that's not working either!

No wonder we're soooo dumb. Look who's trying to "fix" our education system!!!!