Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tea for the tillerman

This week was difficult. First of all, I started pumping up my work out for muscle gain since I’ve been working out with warm up weights for the last two years. It all started a few years ago when I noticed I had round voluptuous man-boobs. I never had man-boobs before, and decided they had to go.

The man-boobs are gone and it was time to start pushing a little harder. I have a complex work out I devised a few years ago that involves pushing three muscle groups each session. At my age, it leaves me sore and tired the next day. Actually, I wake up feeling that I just came too after an operation. Sore all over.

Lesson Number One: If the baby doesn’t go to sleep in the usual way, something must be wrong.

So I had that work-out wearing me down. Then unexpectedly, starting on Monday morning around 2am, baby gurl II started waking up in the middle of the night, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I figured I should get up with her, so she won’t look forward to the ol’ lady breast feeding her.

I figure, if I got one of me ol’ ladies, lady’s shoved in my face everytime I threw a fit, I’d be up all night throwing fits too.

So I’m really fatigued anyway, and now I’m getting up in the middle of the night for about two hours. Each time I put her to sleep in the usual way, she wakes up a few minutes later. This happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It seemed to drag on forever.

By Thursday morning, I was so fatigued, I was getting dizzy, disoriented, and nauseous during the day. Finally I went home on Thursday after only working for an hour and had some nice tea, a warm bath and went too sleep until late afternoon. That really fixed me up.

Meanwhile, the ol’ lady took baby gurl II to the doctor and turns out she had an ear infection and we got anti-biotics. She’s still getting up at night, but its not so hard for her to go back to sleep.

Poor thing, she probably felt like shit, but with no cold symptoms like a runny nose and cough, we didn’t know. I was really tired in the middle of the night and got mad at her for not going to sleep…now I feel bad for getting angry. But it’s hard when you haven’t slept for a long time.

There were a few times I had to just put her in bed and let her cry for 15 minutes…I just had to get away from her for a few minutes. Once I found out she was sick, I just held her until she fell sound asleep. I still feel guilty about getting impatient with her, she was just sick.

Lesson Number Two: Leave no child behind.

Bush stated he would never allow the new “S-Chip” bill to go through as law. Finally after green-lighting every bill brought to him for seven straight years he decided to use a veto. His administration has accumulated more debt than our country has ever seen. Here’s an example: If you take all the US debt accumulated since George Washington to President Regan, it is less than the debt accumulated since the Bush administration took office. Finally, he says, “No.”

Considering that the funding of the S-Chip is less than the money used to fund one week in Iraq, it seems like a small amount to help those who are left behind by commercial health care. Middle income people struggle or fail to provide medical coverage to their children because of rising costs. Bush decided to leave them behind.

How can this be good?

I guess when he said, “Leave no child behind.” He was referring to sending kids off to war.

Lesson Number Three: What’s so bad about immigration?

Both political parties are all up in arms about the immigration problem. We even have private citizens “guarding” the border to protect us from the brown hordes of people who want to work simple jobs.

Here’s something to consider, in ten to twenty years, the baby boomers will all be retired. Our working population will not be large enough to support Social Security and mostly importantly Medicare. US corporations aren’t going out of business – so the work will be available – there just aren’t enough people to work the jobs, that will be taxed to support our large aging population that just seems to live longer and longer.

In comes, hordes of people willing to work minimum wage jobs. Workers, lots of workers that will be taxed if we get our shit together. In the long term, Immigration is not really a problem, it’s a solution. What we need to do, is set up a system that insures these workers are here legally and taxed. Otherwise, US corporations will need to move operations to other counties while our senior citizens are forced to eat dog food as a result.

The choice is ours.

And now you know.

COMING NEXT: The dreams, the horrible, entertaining dreams!

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