Sunday, January 14, 2007

King Bush –it has a nice ring to it…

Before I convince you to vote Bush into being a knight of the republican table and becoming king, let me share with you a wonderful clip of Christmas joy. This one’s for you TSO fans:

Oh yeah, PS Gifford wants your vote! So go here:

Now back to Bush. As suggested by me several months ago – a big raid is the only way to secure Iraq. But one important ingredient is missing from Bushes adoption of my plan to secure Iraq. Number one on the list is Bush leaving office. The reason is we want to put as few American soldiers out of harms way as possible. Thus, we need troops from other countries, which will never happen as long as Bush is President.

Basically he spat in the faces of our allies when he was campaigning to get Cheney’s money/war machine in full swing. We won’t get help from other countries to help secure the area until Bush is gone. He was supposed to get more troops, get some economic plans going, then he was supposed to resign – but apparently he left out that part out.

Here’s a summary of what I mentioned several months ago. The only way to secure Iraq is to be a Tyrant like Saddam.

That’s basically it.

In other words, it has to be more horrible for the general public to harbor civil war terrorists than not too. Noticed I said horrible. So if insurgents hide in an apartment, we can’t have 20 soldiers spend 10 hours to get rid on one guy. We just have to blow up the whole apartment. And so on and so forth.

Simple math, if the presence of an insurgent is a certain death sentence for you and your family, you probably won’t welcome them to your home with open arms. The less places they have to hide, the easier it will be to find them. People who are responsible for these actions do go to trial. But the result has to be the same as an Omaha policeman who shoots a black man. Trial proceeds but the cop (soldier) is innocent.

Then we hunker down in one city, you guess which one. Make it a secure place with economic development. In a good five years or so, expand out to other cities to maintain control. Then plan to stick around for the next twenty years, because that’s what it will take. Next time the republicans go on the warpath, remember a war is like having a baby…you’ll be busy for the next forty years.

Which brings us to Bush. He didn’t resign. He chooses to put more Americans in harms way as a trade off to power. Now, like the never-ending war in Iraq, we have to live with his decision.

This is why the only solution is to make George Bush King of America. Then the real person who runs the country will be Prime Minister. Then we can get other Countries to join the effort to help Iraq.

Either that, or get out of the Middle East and not go back. Let them fight their own civil war. That also includes no more support for Israel.

Well, that’s all I got to say about that.


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