Sunday, April 24, 2011

A new song...

Sorry I haven't written anything recent for a few months, but I hoped you enjoyed "The Best of Bob Senitram" as I featured a nice story written a few years ago.

for those of you who have joined me on Facebook and Twitter...thanks! I really don't update them because of time restraints, but its nice you are thinking of me. If you send me a personal message, chances are I will never respond. Although, Yoko Ono did send me a nice message that said something like, "Keep spreading the truth and peace..." That was special and I sent her a "thanks."

Just in case anyone cares or thought about it, Bob Senitram is my writing name (Stephen Johnson of "Lunatic Ravings" fame let the cat out of the bag last week). Anywho's, I decided to make a facebook with my REAL name. I got a lotta friend requests; however, I'm kinda busy, mixed with the fact I'm not a big socializer. So I had a wonderful time telling people that they COULDN'T be my "friend". I don't know why, but I enjoy being a bit of an ass-hole.

What a great use for Facebook, an efficient way to reject people...just for the fun of it!

Speaking of rejections, I couldn't notice the "Tea Party's" rejection of everything rational in the last budget hoopla.

Which is funny, because if you take yourself back to the days when Obama was running for election, he said there would be unpleasant budget cuts that would not be popular, but had to be done none-the-less.

Enter the new Republicans with budget demands from cutting Medicare to dumping planned parenthood. So now we have budget cuts that Obama's administration didn't want to even suggest, lead by the Tea Baggers. In essence, he got them to do his dirty work for him...and they think they won a victory.

Talk about stupid.

Now they are picking Medicare apart, and using that extra saved money to pay budget demands that would be paid if millionaires had to pay taxes like the rest of us. Much to my surprise the general public caught wind that they suggested throwing the weak and elderly under the bus being driven by millionaires. Now they is on the defensive again...right after winning Congressional elections.

Now that's good stuff!

Coming next...I don't know, lets see what happens!

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