Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tax Time at

Well I started putting together my taxes via TurboTax. I used to pay a pretty penny to have those done. No easy task, last year the whole printout was 72 pages long. I sent it via the internet and got a rebate in a week. Besides I usually get a couple of gift cards from Best-Buy each Christmas, so I only spend about $20.

Speaking of taxes, back in the day, pictures on were stolen from the web. But since we have millions of visitors, I can’t do that anymore. I legally purchased the photos used in the genre sections of with money obtained by

How is this related to taxes you may ask?

This year, for the first time, and has a couple of sponsors. Together, they actually pay for the money I spend on domain names, server space and what-not. I legally claimed the site as a hobby that pays for itself.

Since the inspiration for the site has always been fueled by drunken stupors, I decided to fill out IRS form 6478 as a deduction for Apparently you can get a deduction if alcohol is used as a fuel in your business. Since MyStrangeStories and are both fueled by alcohol, I included receipts for all the beer I consume. It really ads up! Spending about $50 a month, I should be able to deduct about $6000.


This week I watched the Republican base respond to Obama’s stimulus package, all the while, giggling like a little school-girl.

The Republican politicians really set themselves up to fail.

To tell the truth, I believe the stimulus will kick in faster than Obama lets on. I call it the “Scotty-Effect.” I’ll illustrate:

Ok, if you don’t know who Scotty is, he’s the chief engineer on Star Trek. If it takes Scotty two hours to fix the ship’s warp drive, he tells Captain Kirk it’ll take four hours.

Then two hours later the captain calls frantically and says, “Scotty! WE NEED WARP DRIVE NOW!!!!!”

Two minutes later, warp drive is up and running and the captain calls back and says, “Scotty, you’re a miracle worker!”

I believe Obama realizes the stimulus will have a positive effect in a fraction of the time he says, then when things really kicks in, everyone will say, “Obama! You’re a miracle worker!”

This guy is smart, not only does he have the best solution, he has his success planned out for the best possible outcome.

So where does this leave the Republican Party?

Not so good after last week.

By voting against the stimulus, they have done two things.

They have are gambling against the economic success of the United States of America.

You can go two ways here, either be part of the solution or assume there is no solution and make a strong stand that any effort to bring the economy around will ultimately fail.

In short, vote against everything.

Then in hind-sight, they can say, “All that spending is what killed our economy! This is exactly what I was trying to warn you about.” And there you have it, the Republican party that cried wolf.

They are actively playing a part in extending the economic hardship of Americans for political gain.

Here’s how that works.

As you know the economic mind set of the public, investors, and business’s needs to be positive for any “economic anything” to work. The Republican Party is doing everything at their disposal to convince everyone that this economic stimulus, won’t work, can’t work, and shouldn’t work.

Discussions behind closed doors would be forecasting. What they are doing is trying to negatively effect American public’s perception of the Stimulus Bill by having a multitude of Republican representatives go on TV and blast it as a Democratic “pork” spending opportunity.

In my opinion this is nothing short of trying to sabotage to the American Economy in order to gain future political points.

If we view the economic crisis as a war that needs to be won, then the actions of the Republican base is nothing short of treason.

Treason in war time is punishable by death, but since there aren’t actual people with guns attacking our businesses, I would say it is enough that those Republicans currently in office who voted against the economic well being of you, the American public, and who are actively trying to harm the economy, are voted out of office and never let back in so their attempts to harm the American public is never realized.

However, this is a mute point because the stimulus will work and faster than forcasted. The Republican base has set themselves up to be the guys who got us into this mess, and made all the wrong moves to get us out…their time is limited anyway.

And now you know.

COMING NEXT…Dream, dream, and dream again!

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