Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bob's collapse.

Blane writes:
What’s up?

Bob writes back:
A poem by Bob Senitram,

Hiroshima cable special,
the baby’s melted on the road,
bombers get the thumbs up,
Americans cheer.

Terror nightmares,
and a weekday beer buzz.
late again,
they don’t know.

Shock the monkey,
slice him, just so,
serve ‘em on a platter,
don’t ask, just eat,

Go team go!
The games finally begin,
keep it in the cupboard,
to hide it from the kids.

Lil’ baby’s lost,
And mom parties on,
baby gurl hits baby gurl 2,
she wants the toy.

McCain’s got energy,
Obama’s got the plan,
Edwards got a crotch kick,
and I got the shaft.

COMING NEXT…Don’t ask, I have no idea what any of that means?

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