Monday, May 19, 2008

What's all this, then?

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Your still here?

Any-who, after two years of not getting any questions sent to me about our big wonderful world, I finally got an email sent to me (the address is ).

John from Bismarck writes, “So what’s all this, then?”

While pondering your question, the news was on TV, and they had Barack Obama, talking about talking to Leaders of countries or providences that Bush don’t like to talk to, Bush was saying that’s a bad thing to talk to people who don’t agree with me…I’m just not used to it. McCain was agreeing with Bush. Meanwhile, Hillary was saying, “I’m not giving up…vote for me!”

I have to admit Hillary presented a strong argument.

I like someone who just tells it like it is. In fact, when I was in fourth grade at Mira Vista School, I won class president with the same slogan! Three of us were running. When it was time for us to address the class, no one else had anything to say. When my name was called, I walked to the front of the class and quietly said, “Vote for me.”

Then we voted and I won.

So I guess I identify with Hillary.

I was the youngest in my family and I would often follow my big brother and his best friend around. As an analogy, you could say my brother was Barack, his friend Eddie was McCain, and I guess I would be Hillary.

Here’s an average day at play, which oddly enough parallels the upcoming election:

Barack: Ok, here’s the contest, first we go to the park.

Hillary: Ooh, ooh, can I go?

(Both ignore Hillary.)

Barack: Then we go to the swings and see who can swing the highest!

Hillary: Ooh, ooh, can I go?

McCain: Then we jump, and who-ever land the farthest…wins!

Hillary: Ooh, ooh, I wanna go!!!

(Still ignoring Hillary, Barack continues…)

Barack: Then we race to the big Oak tree.

Hillary: Can I be in the race? Come-on you guys, let me be in the race!

McCain: Then if it’s a tie, we race to the drinking fountain!

Barack: And who-ever looses has to eat a bug!

Hillary: I wanna go! You’re just afraid I’ll win if you let me in the race!

Barack & McCain together: OK, OK! YOU CAN GO, JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!

Barack: You have to stay five feet behind us; I don’t want anyone to know we’re in the same family.

McCain: Yeah, closer than five feet and you automatically loose and have to eat a bug.

So it goes. They get to the swings and Hillary cries because there are only two, then she gets in the way of the race to the big oak tree, Barack runs into her, falls and looses to McCain. Then they race to the fountain, and McCain runs into her and falls and looses.

Nobody wins, and Hillary has to eat a bug for being such a dumb ass, rag-tag, tag-along.

Now that I think about it, you were probably asking about our web site and not politics.

Well John, if you haven’t guessed, we like fiction so we created a showplace for folks to post it. We also started bogging in 2000, Stephen claims we are the first, original bloggers. Maybe he’s right.

I write about whatever pops in my head on my weekly blog. Stephen Johnson writes about whatever pops in his head and PS Gifford writes about…well you get the idea. We’ve always enjoyed a decent amount of traffic, so we just keep doing it.

COMING NEXT…So who won in that battle with the Devil?

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