Monday, April 28, 2008

Waht's New!

It’s been an exciting week here at! Last Thursday we launched the new Strange Story format. is now . As the name suggests, we will no longer edit, post, or choose all the strange fiction that is posted.

You wanna post a story, just register, retrieve your password and post your story. You can log in from any page, and when you do, it’ll take you back to the homepage. On the left click either “Administration” or use the drop down menu to choose “Write.”

In administration, you can choose the name that will show when you post your story. It will default to what-ever your user name is, so if you have a pen name you’ll need to go here. You can also change your password here.

When you post a story, you can paste from a Word program. Just highlight the text, and select “paste from Word”. It will automatically format the story for the web, and of course if you have any trouble, let me know at

For folks who like to read fiction, the new site is much better than the old, mainly because you won’t have to wait for my lazy-ass to post new stories. Within a few minutes all archives will include your story. Also you can post a comment or review which is immediately posted below the story.

We’ll still archive stories by year, but we’ll also keep an archive by genre. So if you just want to read “Mysteries”, click the Mystery category link on the left and you’ll get a list of what we got. So go to and give it a go!

As for Stephen’s last column, sure what he said about the lawn mower incident is all true…but are we going allow ourselves to be swayed by facts!? What’s more important is what is in his e-d-b-d heart. Since Stephen has never attended a church service I don’t have any Jerimiah Wright stuff to bring about, but I do claim to have a Beta video tape of him saying that he planned on becoming President, taking over the world, and destroying all the strawberries that exist. Which I’m sure will create a rippling effect that will cause Global KAOS!

Sure if you view the actual tape, it looks like he’s singing “Happy Birthday,” but I know how to read between the lines. Besides, are we going to wait until he does all these horrible things before taking action?


It’s the only way anyone will believe me…then I can say, “I told you so…”

COMING NEXT…What about that writers strike…is it over…I can’t tell?

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