Sunday, March 16, 2008


We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this important message:

I spent this weekend watching various news programs to see what’s up.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

I watch this show sometimes to see how the republican spin machine is distorting the news. Chris seemed infatuated with Barack Obama’s pastor. Basically his pastor gave some speeches with some strong language, which essentially said the US is not an innocent babe who was suddenly attacked on 9/11.

Our past is not perfect, and it is fuel for aggression against us. Even Bin Laden quoted Hiroshima in one of his videos. Ignoring our guilt in past aggressions and its effect on other cultures will prevent us from learning from our mistakes. However, when this same message is delivered from a fiery pulpit, the sound is much more harsh.

Somehow Mr. Wallace felt this reflected on Obama, guilty by association was his plea. Pretty weak. This kind of made me feel good because if this is all the ammo he could come up with to make the democratic leader look bad, then he’s grasping for straws.

On a different note, whenever I see Chris Wallace, I think of his interview with Bill Clinton about a non-political fund raiser –I forgot the cause. Chris thought he would drop the bomb on Clinton by bringing up some political stuff. But the bomb was dropped on Chris when he got to witness Bill’s dark side. When Bill was done with him, he looked like he was about to burst into tears and they quickly went to commercial.

Poor Chris, he wants to be the republican bully. But with the Republican Party as weak as it is, he doesn’t have anyone to back him up. He’s like the American Idol singer who thinks he’s good but really sucks. It’s just fun to watch.

Lou Dobbs Tonight:

On the occasions I’ve watched his show, he appears to be a cranky old man who uses the network and logic to spew out good old fashioned prejudice. Personally, I feel he’d jump on the bandwagon to attack any non-Caucasian group; however, immigration seems safe. Although he’s very careful not to say anti-racial words, he still expresses anti-Hispanic sentiments under the umbrella of preserving the borders and protecting the nation.

He has had some guests, who oppose his views, but usually he feeds them loaded questions and when they don’t play along, he speaks over them or has them cut off. His inability to calmly discus opposing viewpoints makes this a poor news show.

The only reason I watch is to see what kind of recent twisted logic clan members use to justify their hate. I’m not black, but I still wouldn’t feel safe attending an actual KKK meeting. Oh, well. He’s old and his time is limited. A pacifist like myself just calmly waits for representatives of the older, repressive, mislead, generation to retire.

C-Span: Decision 2008

Bill Clinton speaking at a town meeting for his wife. In five minutes I finally understand her universal health care proposal! I hate to say it, but it sounds good. I’ve watched a number of debates with Hillary and never got it. I knew she had a universal health plan, but I just didn’t understand it. Numbers, figures, examples…I just didn’t walk away understanding the darn thing until is was explained by Bill. I have to admit, he’s got a gift.

As for the vote, if Barack is the nominee, I’ll vote for him over McCain without even thinking about it.

If Hillary is the nominee, I might vote for her, but it wouldn’t be definite. It’s Hillary’s turn and it’s McCain’s turn to be president…they’re both smart and would do a good job…it would be a hard call for me.

And Now You Know!

COMING NEXT: Mad Man Disease or a helping hand for the troops.

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