Sunday, February 10, 2008

After 2 years, I finally get an email!

Grant from Michigan writes:
A few months ago you said McCain was’t worth mentioning in the Iowa pre-vote caucus deal…now he’s the main man.

What’s up with that smarty-pants!

Dear Grant:
I did get an email from a certain J. McCain a few months ago. And he complained about the same thing. I didn’t write back because because I didn’t think it was the real McCain, plus I’m lazy.

Speaking of famous people.

I have gotten a few emails over the past 10 years from a few famous people. For example I got an email from the brother of a member of 3-11, the famed 90’s rock band. A few years before that I got an email form that chick that was in “Risky Business” with Tom Cruise. No wait, it was Debra Foreman who was in “Valley Girl” with Nick Cage. A few years after that I got an email from someone who claimed to be Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I wasn’t too sure about that one.

It’s hard to say if these are ever real or not because they don’t have simple emails like it’s always a weird address like He never wrote to me, although I can’t imagine why not. I understand he is no longer P Ditty, or Puff Daddy, or Sean Combs, but now he is KFC. Pretty catchy, I heard it on the radio. The “C” stands for Combs and…well, I have no idea what the rest stands for. Maybe its PDC.

I think I got off the subject.

Speaking of “off the subject”.

I still think Guilianni has a chance. He should really get back in the race, He may not win, but I know he would beat Ron Paul.

Speaking of cross-dressers.

I remember when Ron used to be on TV all the time.

He was black back then, totted a hot blonde wig and put in some nice big breasteges. When I first saw him, I thought he was a woman. It took some convincing for me to believe that was a man. I’m glad he’s finally came out of drag and started dressing like a regular Joe. All that make-up can’t be good for your skin.

I was even surprised more this year when I found out he was a short, thin, white male in his seventies.

Well, I hope he does well. After all he is the only psuedo-African American Female running for President.

Quite frankly, I don’t think Hillary or Obama can compete with that.

And Now You Know!

COMING NEXT: What ever happened to the Strange Stories?

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