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We’re getting close to the Iowa primaries and I can’t help but share what I think is the lowdown on this whole caper. I’ll cut to the chase and let you know who I think will win:


#1 Barack Obama
Is he the best choice? Well I don’t think so. But he’s a good choice. I think he stands for the working class and nothing will do more good for the economy than putting money in the hands of the working class. In terms of international policies, I think he’s best equipped to comprehend the ramifications of American presence and action in other countries; as a result, his judgement will be the best in regards to the international mess that the Republicans put us in.

#2 Hillary Rodham Clinton
Her time passed in the last election, she should have run then. There was a transition period that needed a Democrat that would ease the transition from a big business run Washington that could care less about the working class and put money into the hands of corporate leaders, to a Democrat that cared about the working class but still held corporate hands while skipping merrily down strawberry fields. With Bush in office for that last four years, it’s just too late for that now.

#3 John Edwards
He still may have a chance for the White House, but I don’t think he’ll be the Democratic nominee. Like Barack, he’ll benefit the American people economically, which in turn will help the economy. Seems to me his heart is in the right place and nothing can replace that, no planning or strategies can create anything better for the American people. However, American’s seldom pick the best choice, it’s a prom king and queen election and the most popular not the most intelligent are the winners.

#4 Don’t know – Maybe Biden? Again, he should have run last time. Kucinich? Maybe, Unlike Hillary and Biden, it’s not too late for him…it’s too soon. We’ll need him back four years from now. His ideas are great, but it’s just too soon for any of them to come into the light.


The Republican party has had a history of going to war and passing economic policies that benefit a few multi-millionaires by taking gas money out of the pockets of the average worker. So how do they get elected? Sure they get the economic funding from corporations, but how can an individuals who has to skimp on necessities be tricked into electing a party that in turn makes life worse?

As I mentioned, our Presidential election is a prom king and queen election. The Republican party represents the wealthy. The poor schmuck that has to cut his grocery bill in half gets a chance to go the GOP primaries and be part of the exclusive “Big-Boy Club.” These poor souls would never get past the front door of the prom dance if the big-boys didn’t need their vote.

So for a few months the down-trodden gains entrance to a world that they would never see. In a way, by voting with the wealthy they get to pretend that they are part of that world and forget that they’re the poor folk who will eventually foot the bill.

With that said here is my half-ass attempt to predict the Republican, Iowa winners:

#1 Giuliani
Clearly the worst choice, therefore, the most likely to win. His poor judgement to get New Yorkers back into the city and working while it was covered with toxic gasses, asbestos, and microscopic size particles floating in the air will probably kill more people in ten years, than the actual fall of the twin towers.

#2 Romney
In short, he’s like the star quarterback, of the football team at the prom. For that reason, the masses will flock to him like rats to the pied piper.

#3 Thompson
He’s just that popular! I loved him in “War Games” with Matthew Broderick and for that I would consider voting for him.

This is my very opinionated prediction.

And Now You Know!

COMING NEXT: More Nonsense!

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