Sunday, July 08, 2007

One foot in the past and one in the future…

I must share with you a vision I call love dream number 6.

Another day at the underground factory.

Down the elevator I go with a host of co-workers…we all have the hum-drum look of another Monday. Elevator shakes and rattles a bit, but keeps goin’. Nobody flinches, we’re used to the bumps and noises, although the guy next to me has a coffee with no lid, dripping shit on the floor.

Dumb ass.

A couple of hundred years ago our job would be the equivalent of coal-miner. I don’t even fully comprehend what I, or the company does, but I’ve been trained and I come on time and do what I was trained to do.

All I know is the machinery we ultimately control does its thing about a quarter mile underground in sub-zero temperatures…on account of the nuclear reactions.

I take five steps out of the elevator and all sorts of alarms are going off with red lights flashing all down the hall. I don’t remember all the codes, but I do remember if you see a red light flash go to the nearest elevator and get the hell out of there.

Mr. Coffee drops his shit on the floor runs right back into the elevator. As I start running toward our only exit, I see his frantic face as he looks me square in the eye while he’s pushing the button to close the door.

I swerve to the right to avoid the spilled coffee on the floor, and almost missed it.


I fall and scramble to my feet just in time to see dumb-ass’s face as the door completely shuts.

The next exit is down the hall and to the right. I dart down the hall, swerve to the right and run smack into old Marilyn. We both fall face first to the floor.

I give up. I sit up and watch the closest elevator door close.

Seals in the walls start to leak sub-zero mist into the hall and I take the lotus position and await my fate.

And now you know.

COMING NEXT: They eye's have it!

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