Monday, July 17, 2006

Trick me three times...

For those who have one child and are contemplating having another, there's nothing more gratifying than holding that baby. Watching then grow and develope is a gift that can't be described.

However, let me explain what everyday life is like. Last Wednesday it was 85 degrees here in Nebraska (mild by our standards). I wanted to take advantage of the fair weather and chop the lawn. I came home to find the ol' lady at her wits end, 'cause she's been up all night with the toddler and then the kids played tag team for nap...she's got no sleep and they is runnin' a wild. I didn't mow. Kept the kids going while she got some sleep.

Then Thursday, much needed rain. Friday she had a gig (musician). Saturday I had to work overtime, which left Sunday. 105 degrees in the shade and I have a lawn that takes an hour and a half non-stop. It took two and a half because I had to take breaks so I don't pass out...but it got done.

Remember, as much joy as they take time.

Since I haven't kept up on the news in detail the following opinion comes right out of my ass. And you thought you'd never read a disclaimer at TheWeirdcrap!

Here's what I think is happening in the Middle East. Hezbollah kidnapped those soldiers to encourage Israel to react with unnecessary force. Once they did, they hope the Palistine government will eventually join forces with Hezbollah to save civilian Palistinians. Now the whole country will be armed against Israel with stockpiled missles they've been saving for 6 years. Once it starts, other countries (you know who you are) will join in, in an all out international war.

At the same time, Israel thinks they will be able to disarm and destroy Hezbollah, and Palestine will throw up their arms in defeat and agree to whatever Israel demands.

Since I'm just an observer, my guess is Israel is too optimistic and their reaction pushed a cart with no breaks down a hill. My suggestion to Americans in Israel is leave. Looks like a big storm is a-brewin'.

And now you know.


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