Monday, March 13, 2006


If you watch any of the news programs you may have noticed Michael Brown is fighting back. Good for him I say. Good for him.

He's the old FEMA / Katrina fall-guy. He got a lot of slack because he did the Arabian Horse gig; however, according to him he worked as a legal consultant and some sort of logistical coordinator guy. Which is similar to the FEMA gig.

I don't know what the real deal is, but he says, he suggested preparation for a major disaster far in advance. The current administration poo-pooed his ideas and decided to "play it by ear" if a big disaster ever occured. Furthermore, combining FEMA with homeland security created so much beuracracy he couldn't get anything done, so he says.Considering Bush was briefed on a serious terrorist threats prior to 9-11 but ended up blaming the CIA,considering he was told Iraq probably didn't have WMD's by the CIA, ignored them, then blamed them because he was wrong and they were right (this only makes sense to Republicans),considering he gave the order to "rat-out" that CIA agent lady (which in essence, is putting a "hit" on her),considering he gave the ok to torture the Gitmo folks then blammed the CIA,considering he gave the thumbs up to torture prisoners in Iran, then blammed the CIA and a few other low level military guys;considering all this, I'm surprised he didn't blame the CIA for Katrina. Surely with FEMA being linked to homeland security, there must be a way.

Maybe in good time.

Speaking of FEMA. Today I heard a test by the Emergency Broadcast System. When they got to the part where they say, "Had this been an actual emergency..." I thought, "Had this been an actual emergency, FEMA personnel would be running around in circles, hands in the air, paper flyin' all around...and you'd be up shit creek without a paddle."

Speaking of being up shit creek, I guess this Dubai port thing is a little out of hand. Here's my opinion, if Dubai has absolutely no breaches of security or if they have any links to terrorists groups or families then its a deal. If any breaches or links to terrorists...then no deal. This seems fair to me.

Besides with these same standards in place, Bush would have to step down from office since he has close links the the Bin Laden familiy, and the Bin Laden family has links to Osama...who is a terrorist.

With Bush gone, current problems can be dealt with and future problems can be anticipated with back-up plans in place. A virtual utopia. It's not that I don't like Curious George. Curious George is cute as pie, I just don't want him to run the country.

Speaking of crack-heads, I heard a commercial for some weight loss pill today, and I realized they were pretty much selling a drug similar to crack or meth, only its legal. They should just target the stimulant junkies with a slogan like, "Its just like meth, only your teeth don't fall out!" I'm sure the product will fly off the shelf quicker than a person with a back-ache gets a prescription for marijuana in California.

Sorry folks, no video today!

And now you know!

COMING NEXT: Jumpin' Jive!

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