Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pixel breath

Song in my head:
"Janie's got a gun,
Janie's got a gun..."
- Aerosmith -

So take "Janie" and replace it with "Cheney", "...what did Scooter Libbey doooooo, what did Scooter Libbey saaaaaay. " Ha, ha. I am making the funny.

Now folks go on about ol' Dick not doin' a press release after shooting that guy during the hunt. Bottom line, you drink, you hunt, you get shot. It's a fact of life. I figure he didn't want to go to the hospital with his bud 'cause he was drinkin' or on "oxy-cotton" like most Christians and Republicans (I think I misspelled that, you'll have to check with a pharmisist or Rush Limbaugh for the correction).

But there's no harm in drinkin' and huntin' as far as I can see, so no harm done.

Now another man may have gone on TV right away and had close-ups of his tear filled eyes as he expresses how sorry he is, followed up by an appearance on Oprah. But Cheney ain't that kind of guy and neither am I, so again ... no harm done. Given his personality, if he had an absolute emotional response to the event then he would have simply "shut-down" for a good 24 hours. Which is exactly what happened.

Cheney just ain't the Oprah, Current Affair, blubberin' over his feelin's, type of guy, and that's all there is to it. If you want to dislike him, dislike him for his many other undesirable attributes. But as for the huntin' incident, leave this one alone.

So I go to the dentist for the first time in five years. The stupid thing about it, is we have dental coverage. I just don't like going to the dentist. Last time I went, I paid a bunch of money for a crown, a week later I get horrible earache and my jaw hurts. I go to the doctor and he thinks I'm a drug seeker 'cause all "darkey's" just see doctor's when they want drugs. He tells me to take tylenol.

Two weeks later I'm sleeping a few hours a night 'cause of the earaches. I go back to the doctor and he says I might as well "fess-up" 'cause he aint given' me no pain pills. I say screw the pain pills, can't he refer me to someone who can help? He rolls his eyes and says keep takin' Tylenol 'til the headaches and earaches go away.

I take it upon myself to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist. My insurance pays less 'cause I wasn't referred. She comes to the conclusion that it's ether a sinus or dental problem, she gives me some pain-sumthin' so I can sleep at night and refers me to my dentist. For the first time in a month I get a nights sleep and see the dentist and he pulls a tooth and the problem goes away. The bad news was it was the molar right under the molar with the new crown, which makes the crown usless.

If he would have examined my teeth the crown wouldn't have been necessary, but he just saw money signs when he saw I needed one and didn't see anything else.

I could have avoided a months worth of headaches and earaches if the doctor would have listened to my syptoms and used his medical training. Instead, once he heard "non-caucasion" and "pain" he just saw "drug seeker" and never saw anything else.

When it comes to medicine, seems like they can care less about your health, they just want to make as much money as possible and push you out the door. Maybe if insurance companies monitor the work medical professionals do more closely, and start taking money back if a procedure was unnecessary or if the diagnosis was incorrect, the Doctor's that don't care will start caring.

I got off the subject and never told you about my current visit...Till then, here's another classic video:

Coming next: More dental work!

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